Monday, May 30, 2005

Obedience VS. Sacrifice

This is the struggle that we face every day of our lives, will we be obedient to what God tells us to do, or will we disobey, and in so doing, end up sacrificing more than what God intended for us to sacrifice? It is my own personal belief and conviction that God always wants to bless us, more and more, day after day, BUT we are the ones who decide that we don't want to be blessed, by choosing to rebel against Him, instead of just DOING as He said to do. Some people, I know, will find this hard to do, because they tend to not listen to that still small voice within their hearts, and decide to turn away from what God told them to do, because usually when God tells us to do something, He expects us to give up our old ways of doing things. How else can we truly receive His blessings, if we don't give up our old ways of doing things, such as not tithing when God's Word commands us to tithe? There is one thing among many that will ALWAYS be true about God's Word, and that is that His Word is not full of suggestions, His Word is full of commandments that He EXPECTS His people to abide by, and in so doing, to gain a new life and a new understanding of who God is, and what He wants for them. This, of course, is not such an easy task when a person is not saved, because they have yet to truly take a real step of faith, and believe that Jesus is their Saviour. But this of course is a variable that can change, given they are willing to simply ASK Him into their hearts, because it says clearly and plainly in God's Word that salvation is made through confession, as well as the fact that our words are spirit and life. What that means is, there is power to the things we say, whether we know it or not. This is why it's essential to weigh out and measure what we are to say, to be sure that we are not speaking forth something that could somehow cause death, without our realizing it. Think about it like this, how many wars are fought without the SPOKEN command to fight them? It takes a SPOKEN command to bring that sort of conflict to a full realization. Sure, that command can be written as well, but it's only put into FULL action when it is spoken forth. This is why satan wants to steal away our speech, by trying to silence what we say, and how often we say it, ESPECIALLY if it's concerning God's Word. That's his whole game, to steal, kill, and destroy, and he knows EXACTLY how to deceive us to make us think that it's perfectly normal to do things that seem natural to us, such as defend ourselves against every person that might try to take from us, when the REAL truth is that Jesus ALREADY defeated satan on the cross, and once we accept Him as our Saviour, we are more than conquerors, through the faith that we put in Jesus Christ ALONE. When we do finally get to that place where we're not struggling against the world, we come to realize that it was really our own disobedience that caused all that stuff to happen in our lives. If we had chosen to be obedient, then God would have very easily been able to show us ways to get out of that mess, and would have delivered us from that mess. After all, if He can create the whole universe, then He can most certainly deliver ANY person from ANYTHING that may be trying to hold them in captivity. He is, after all, God Almighty, and He can do that, as well as ANYTHING else, as long as we are obedient to Him, and we allow Him to, because God will not force Himself upon us in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Here's something else to think about, if we're not willing to sacrifice the things that we are doing wrong unto God, and allow Him to take those things away from us, and deliver us, then we will inevitably end up sacrificing WAAAY more than we ever thought we would. And when we choose to disobey what God says to do, we are sacrificing more and more every single day what He wants for us to have, when we don't have to do that at all, if we were to just OBEY Him, and DO as He commands us to do. And His commandments are not hard either, nor are they unrealistic, nor are they impossible. To anyone reading this, please take what you read here into serious consideration, because this IS how it is, and God is NOT the One causing you or anyone around you to suffer through any sort of wrong stuff. If you were abused in one way or another, then that is because your abuser was disobedient to what God told them to do, and satan used that as an opportunity to take advantage of you in your time of weakness and insecurity. Give this some SERIOUS thought, because, as I've said, this IS how things are, and God doesn't make us go through anything that we don't CHOOSE to go through ourselves.

Some More Good Linkage

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The TRUE Definition Of "Christian"

The truest definition of the term "Christian" can be summed up simply as one who follows Christ, because Jesus IS the One whom every TRUE Christian desires to become like, as it says in God's Word, we are to be imitators OF Christ. That being said, this is not EVEN how Christians are portrayed at all, especially when taken in the religious context of the term, because so many religious people, whether they know it or not, are portraying Jesus in purely terrible ways, in their backbiting and malicious attitudes towards other people. I don't really care who I offended by saying what I just said, simply because I HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN, and I DO know that it DOES happen. I know the difference between religion and REAL truth, that being that EVERY religion is man-made, and based upon what some person said people should believe in, while REAL truth is God's Word, and there is NOTHING ELSE that can come close to that. I already know the questions that will arise out of the people's hearts that read this post, the main one being, "but doesn't it mean that if you're a Christian, then you're religious?" NO IT DOES NOT, because any person can be religious in the things they do, whether they have the title of "Christian", or some other spiritual-sounding title. Personally speaking, I don't care for titles, I never have, and therefore, I don't refer to myself as exclusively a "Christian", I am simply a Believer in God's Word, period. There is no way around that, either, I've already made my decision, and that decision IS set in my own heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. The real question is, is that decision set within other people's hearts, minds, bodies, souls, and spirits? This, of course, is something that EVERY person has to decide every day, because it says in God's Word, "choose you this day, who will you serve?" So you see, it is a daily choice as to whom we will serve, whether that truly IS God, or whether it is truly ourselves, but if we are serving ourselves, we are still serving satan, and not even realizing it. GASP!!! WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THAT? Quite simply that being self-serving is not an attitude that God Almighty approves of, or even endorses, because He EXPECTS His Believers to do as He said in His Word, and make themselves servants, just as Jesus did, and Jesus was, and still is, His holy and righteous Son. So for Jesus to make Himself a servant to all whom He crossed paths with, that required Jesus to lower Himself down to our levels, because truthfully, He has ALWAYS been on a higher level than us, spiritually, and He always WILL be, but He never strutted around, or showed off, like He thought He was "too cool for school", so to speak. That's not EVEN how Jesus is. How do I know? Because I'm a Believer in Him, I am His follower, I seek to be like Him every day of my life, ever since I got saved. That's not to say that I haven't had my share of tests and trials, because I have, but it was God who brought me through all that stuff, and took away my sins, and washed me clean. You see, religious people are the ones who care more about being called a "Christian" than they really should, instead of actually BEING a Christian, and there is a HUGE difference between the two. For instance, if you are actually an auto mechanic, and you KNOW how to fix cars better than ANY person does, then everyone will KNOW that you're an auto mechanic, not because you have grease all over yourself all the time, or you smell like you've been working in an auto garage all day long, but because that is what will be upon you as the gift that you have, and people will see it. The very same thing goes for being a REAL Christian. If you are TRULY saved, then you won't HAVE to go around trying to impress upon everyone around you how saved you are, or how spiritual you are. Rather, people will KNOW that you are. How will they know? They will know because they will feel God's presence upon you, although they may not understand what it is they are feeling, they will know that there is something different about you, something unique that they cannot explain. I've seen that before in people's eyes, they see something in me, but they can't quite put their finger on it. That is because I am a REAL Believer in Jesus, and I choose to follow after His ways every day, and it does make a difference. ANY person can do this, not just me, as I've said, it's all about making the choice to take up your cross and follow Jesus, and do as He did, instead of always asking, "What would Jesus do?" I have an idea, ASK Him what He would do, if you're not too sure, and He will answer you, in your heart. He will give you the answers you seek, because it says in God's word, "ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you". So it's really that simple: ask, seek, knock. These are not hard concepts to grasp, and they never were to begin with, BUT religion always makes things more difficult than they EVER should be, and religion also always confuses more and more people, and it hurts more than it helps in the long run. EVERY SINGLE RELIGION IS LIKE THIS, no matter which one we're talking about. They ALL have these traits in common, because once again, they were ALL started by people who thought that they could figure out God's Word, and God's ways without actually having to sacrifice their time and their hearts and minds and so on and so forth to actually becoming His servants, and actually learning of who He is, and what He is all about, and the ONLY way to learn who God is, is to read His word, and the ONLY way to understand His word is through the Holy Spirit, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, period. If anyone thinks that there is another way, they are only fooling themselves, because His Word is hidden from those who are not of the Spirit, meaning, those who are not His Believers will not understand what His word is saying to them. His word will fall on deaf ears, as far as they are concerned, and they will not receive it, because they won't understand what His Word is saying to them. But once again, all it takes is a simple choice to accept Jesus into your heart, and He will come in, and be your Saviour, and that is when TRUE life begins, because NO person has ANY IDEA what life is until they accept Jesus as their personal Saviour. They may think they know what life is, but they really don't, all they know is what the world has shown them to be what life is, but the world doesn't know anything anyway, because this world lives in direct opposition to God's Word, and is soooo deep in sin that it's ridiculous. TRUE life only comes when we accept Jesus as our Saviour, plain and simple. There is no other way, because it says in God's Word that NO man comes unto the Father, but by the Son, so all these religious people out there that think that they've found some sort of "loophole" spiritually speaking are just once again fooling themselves, because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO THE FATHER, BUT BY THE SON. I hope this post helps to clear up any misconceptions that anyone would have about what being a Christian really is all about, and I don't mean for this to sound judgmental in the slightest bit at all, this is simply the truth of how things are, and what life can be when we accept Jesus as our Saviour. If anyone has any types of questions regarding this post, then feel free to post them in a respectful manner, and keep any and all childish statements out of it. Thank you.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Things We Go Through.....

I don't know if you're a man like me, BUT I know that I LOVE a woman who is secure and confident with herself, who is not afraid to show her sexuality. To me, that is a very sexy and beautiful trait to see in ANY woman, because that shows me that she's not afraid to BE a woman, and that is always a good thing. I'm not talking about being a sarcastic, cold-hearted bitch either, I'm talking about being a REAL woman. Too many women nowadays strike me as though they don't even KNOW what it means to BE a woman, and since I'm NOT a woman, I cannot tell them HOW to be one. The same goes with being a man, NO woman can tell a man HOW to be a man, because they are NOT MEN, nor are they meant to BE men. Men and women are different for alot of very good reasons, not just physiologically or sexually, either. We are different in that God made us that way so that we can bring a state of balance to one another, as well as be able to please one another, more than just sexually. My belief is this, if you are truly with that person that you KNOW that you were meant to be with, then you will have NO problems with pleasing them, and vice versa, and I am not just talking about having sex all the time either, although that is what alot of people automatically think, especially in this day and age. Because it's not about how often you and the person you love has sex, it's about that bond of LOVE being there between the both of you, and sex is SUPPOSED to be an act OF that love. Sex is not love, it is simply an act OF love that a man and a woman share ONLY between themselves, and not with ANYONE else. That being said, this is EXACTLY why there is so much infidelity in relationships nowadays, because people just can't seem to "keep it in their pants", so to speak, and I can understand that, because when you see someone who you think is sexy, good looking, and has it "all together", your first desire is to want to get with them, and see what they're all about, and get to know them, but what about the fact that you don't even really love them for who they are? You're only interested in them because of what they have, and that's not right at all, because that only leads to both of you just having sex, with no REAL meaning at all, and that, to me, is pointless, because what exactly is the point of having sex with another person, if you don't really even love them? If you ask me, that is a selfish reason to do it, and there will be NO good that will come of it, and besides that, if the woman DOES get pregnant, then that child will have to grow up not knowing what true love is all about, because of the selfish act of the two guilty parties. I know it sounds dramatic and all that, but drama only comes about when we choose to be rebellious, instead of doing what is right, and being patient. Personally, I don't plan on having sex with just ANY woman for two simple reasons: 1. I don't want to take the risk of getting a venereal disease 2. I don't want to find out that she's pregnant with a child that will be born illegitimately, because I REFUSE to marry any woman just because she is pregnant. That to me is wrong to do, people SHOULD get married because they love each other, not out of feelings of obligation, and children should not be born to just a single parent, it takes BOTH parents to raise a child, not just one. And I do know what I'm talking about here, because I was raised by my mother, as was my brother, and it is ONLY by the grace of God that we both turned out to be who we are today, because I KNOW that God was watching over us both, and He provided us both with REAL men of God who we could look up to, and admire. But even that has to come to a close, because, after all, they are just men, they are not God, and therefore, cannot do what only God can do for us. I had to come to that realization, and I'm glad that I did, because I would NEVER want to put ANYONE in the place of God in my life. What does all this have to do with men and women doing things out of selfishness, you may be asking yourself. It has EVERYTHING to do with it, because if people don't wise up about their lascivious behaviours, and repent and turn from them, they WILL face God's judgement for that. And I'm not judging any person at all by saying this, I'm just telling the truth, simply because I believe this to be a real and relevant issue that has been going on for far too long in this country. People are dying EVERY DAY from sexually transmitted diseases, and it doesn't have to be that way, if people would just STOP AND THINK about the REAL cost of having sex before they are married, and count that cost, and determine if that is something that they can afford to allow to happen in not only THEIR lives, but in the lives of the other people they sleep with as well. IS IT WORTH IT? Will this truly make any person happy, when they're not truly happy to begin with? NO it will not, because it's just a temporary fix, exactly like shooting up heroin, or smoking marijuana, or doing any other type of drug, it's all a temporary thing, and it WILL NOT LAST. The ONLY guarantee that ANY of us have is that God will ALWAYS love us, and HAS ALWAYS loved us, since the beginning of time itself. If you read some of the other stuff that I've posted on here, and decided in your minds and hearts that I'm a loony tune whose just spouting stuff off to make myself out to be more than what I am, then you're missing the REAL point of it all. I'm just simply giving my own unique outlook on what I see around me, same as anyone else, the only difference being that my outlook is not clouded by this world's junk like alot of people's are. Think about it, how many other people see things as clearly as they claim to see them, and how many of them can give REAL and TRUE biblical explanations for what they observe around them, and still claim that God isn't real, and that He does not exist? NONE of them can, and I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, I'm just, once again, bringing some things to light that NEED to be brought to light. We go through the things we go through simply because we CHOOSE to go through them. I'm not talking about people who are raped and molested, I'm talking about those who molest and those who rape, they did so only because of their own sick and perverted desires taking them over and causing them to do those things. Or rather, I'm talking about the evil spirits IN them that make them do those things, and those people don't see those spirits for who or what they are. They are bound by those things, and they don't see any way out of it. BUT they still do have a choice as to whether or not they do those things to other people. They can either choose to continue on in their sins, or they can choose to admit that they cannot set themselves free from those sins, and ask God to help them, and He WILL, it's that simple. It's all a matter of taking a step of faith, that's all it is, and we ALL have a certain measure of faith born into us when we are born on this earth, and satan does try to make us focus that faith on all the wrong types of stuff, so it won't be focused solely and completely on God. Why? So he can begin to deceive us into believing and/ or doing his will, instead of us believing in and doing God's perfect will. The devil's game IS deception, and he is a master at it, that is why we have to allow God to be our master so that those sins won't master us, and control us, and that way, we won't go through all kinds of wrong stuff that God NEVER intended for us to go through to begin with. If anyone wants to post a comment to this post, then do so ONLY in a respectful manner, otherwise, keep your childish responses to yourself.

Friday, May 27, 2005

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Another E-Card That I Made


An E-Card I Made

Message From Jesus

Here He Is, Folks, Dennis Madalone XD

America, We Stand As One XD

When Did Radio Become Pay-Per-Listen?

OK, now bear with me on this post, because it may get a bit out of hand, but trust me on this, it's gonna work out just fine, and you will all see exactly where I'm going with it. If you are an adult in your late twenties to early thirties, then you most likely remember radio being FREE, and you could turn on your stereo/ boombox/ am/fm walkman and listen to the radio, WHENEVER you wanted to, regardless of what time you wanted to, and it didn't cost you a PENNY. Now, if you are in that same age group that I mentioned above, and you are PAYING TO LISTEN TO THE RADIO, meaning, you actually HAVE a satellite radio account, and you are spending your hard earned money just so you can hear radio stations, then GET A BIG FREAKIN' GRIP, because you have been taken for a seriously wrong and hard ride by XM, Sirius, or whatever other satellite radio companies there are. They are selling you your own childhood, by telling you that you're "getting a wonderful deal" by signing up to their services. Think about it, most of what's on the radio is CRAP anyway, so why spend money on a service that will allow you to listen to more and more CRAP? Is crap really that important to anyone anyway? "Gee, I think I'll sign up to XM Radio, so I can listen to the SAME EXACT MUSIC that is already ON the radio that I DON'T have to pay to listen to anyway." I can understand if you're a person that lives in the mountains, for example, and you don't get alot of radio stations, maybe one or two at the most, and you just HAVE to hear the latest song by Brittina Spearsguilera, or one of the myriad of boy bands out there, or even better still, maybe you just HAVE to hear that special hair band song from the early nineties, and you can't WAIT to hear it. Whatever the reasons you tell yourself that you just HAVE to have satellite radio, put them out of your head, because it's all a bunch of crap. That's why CD's exist, so we won't HAVE to listen to whatever the hell the radio DJ decides we should listen to. Forget all this satellite radio junk, and get with the freakin' program, that program being that it's just another way to sap the American people's finances, and drain them of their money, because there's NOTHING about satellite radio that is really spectacular, and not only that, but if the weather is bad, then you won't be getting any satellite radio service at all anyway. So what exactly is the point of subscribing to it? Why should I "jump on the wagon" so to speak concerning this service? If anyone out there can give me a REAL, HONEST reason why I should, then I MIGHT think about it.

WTF Is This Guy Thinking?
Watch that video, if you dare, and you will wonder EXACTLY the same thing I did, WTF IS HE THINKING? Seriously, dude, lose the David-Coverdale-Whitesnake-hairband hairdo, as well as the cheesy ass power-ballad hair band voice. I have to say it again, because I feel so compelled to: WTF IS THIS GUY THINKING?
And to close this post out, I give you the Star Wars Kid:

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Remember When TV Was INNOCENT?

I know I do. I remember when you could turn on your TV, and watch GOOD, QUALITY SHOWS that didn't have sex screaming in your face all the time, and they weren't laden with curse word after curse word all the time as well. I remember well the times that I watched Family Ties, The Facts Of Life, Different Strokes, etc., etc. in the company of my own mother, and I didn't feel the least bit bad about it, because these shows were actually GOOD, and family oriented. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SHOWS LIKE THAT? What happened to the days of being able to turn on your TV, and no matter what channel you turn it to, you KNOW that a good show will be on, or it will eventually come on? I really do miss being able to do that, and that is the primary reason that I did not want cable television, because I think most, if not all, of it is pointless junk, and the stuff that isn't pointless is so few and far between that it's ridiculous. There are certain channels that I like, of course, but those channels are not gonna warrant me spending 40 bucks extra a month just so I can watch them on cable TV. This whole cable TV thing is bullshit anyway, because all they show IS junk, and the good stuff somehow gets mixed in there, so the likelyhood of you actually seeing a good show on cable TV really is a crapshoot. This is the major thing that I don't get: WHEN THE HELL DID POKER BECOME A LEGITIMATE SPORT? There, I said it, and I feel better, because I've been wanting to say that for as long as I have seen people on TV playing poker, in its various forms. Apparently, this nation has gotten so freaking lazy that they would rather WATCH people play poker, rather than ACTUALLY PLAY poker. That really is a new low for this country, because I really do not care who wins and who loses in those games anyway, because how do any of us know that it's not all scripted and pre-planned anyway as far as who will win and who will lose? And the same freaking thing goes for all this "reality" TV junk, whose "reality" is this anyway, where people have to go on a show to do insanely stupid stunts, just so they can prove that they have no fear, OR where a big group of people are all put on an island in order to see who will survive, and who won't? You can't tell me that these shows are not fixed in some way, because that is way too much bullshit for any person to have to take, to actually be expected to sit through shows like this, and actually get involved with the people on these types of shows, as if they're really ever going to mee them in real life. If I EVER met any of the people on ANY reality show, I would punch them dead in the face for being stupid enough to actually WANT to be on a show like that, and for not seeing that show for the stupid junk that it really is. Don't take my words as me being angry about it, I'm just fed up with what the media says is good to watch, and what isn't good to watch, when they don't know WHAT THE HELL IS GOOD TO WATCH ANYWAY. Why do so many people allow themselves to be mindless zombies when it comes to what they watch on TV, or what music they listen to, or what movies they actually PAY to see? Are people that really numbed to how stupid this stuff is, and have they allowed it to dumb them down to the point where they actually think that it's entertaining to watch this garbage? It's called mindless TV for a reason, and that is because it doesn't take any kind of real thought to watch shows of this calibre, nor any kind of REAL brain activity. Personally, I think that TV was WAAAAY better before cable came along, because, as I said before, there were GOOD shows on, and you didn't need a cable subscription to watch them, it's that simple. I guess the innocence is gone in TV, and that really is a sad state of affairs, when you think about it. So what will the NEW Nick At Nite lineup be in the near future, Friends, followed by Frasier, and then followed by Ally McBeal, and then topped off with That 70's Show? I cringe at the thought of that happening, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. What a sad state of affairs when I can't even think of ONE GOOD SHOW that is on TV right now, other than shows that are old, but still good, like The Cosby Show. Good job, media, for screwing up American TV for everyone, I salute you.

Anime' And The American Public

I think by and large MOST Americans are ignorant of what anime' really is, and what it's really all about. Most Americans, if you ask them, will tell you that their ideas of animation are Disney, Warner Brothers, etc. Why is this? Because this is all that most Americans have ever experienced in that particular field of entertainment. I know that's how it was for me, when I was a kid, I LOVED, and still love, the old classic cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Daffy Duck, and so on and so forth. BUT I also liked watching the oldest of the old skool anime's, Voltron, the ORIGINAL series, even the ones where they used vehicles instead of lions to create Voltron, the ORIGINAL Transformers, as well as the ORIGINAL Robotech series. That's the anime that I grew up on, and cut my teeth on, so to speak. As far as American animation goes, the ONLY series on TV back then that I can look back on and honestly say was as close to anime as ANY American show has EVER gotten was G.I. Joe, especially when they came out with the movie. MAN, I was all over that TV watching that thing when it came on. That movie was the BOMB when I was a kid, and in some ways, it still is. That's what I remember about being a kid, being able to turn on the TV, and watching my favorite cartoons, without even having to have cable tv at all. I know that whoever reads this post and is in their mid to late twenties will remember the Saturday morning lineup on ABC, such as Rubik's Cube, Pac Man, Capt. Caveman, etc., etc. I mean, who WOULDN'T remember those classic shows once they've watched them? Those, in my opinion, were the BEST cartoons made, and still are, in alot of ways, no matter how dated they appear to be now. Why? Because they were harmless, innocent fun, as well as Schoolhouse Rock. Unless you've been under a rock your whole life, you knows you some Schoolhouse Rock, nizzle. I LOVED the bill on capital hill, as well as conjunction junction, and the rest of them as well. That, to me, is still just as good now as it was then. But back to how America views anime in general. Most anime' is not shown on TV, or even the big screen for one simple reason: MOST Americans don't understand what it's really about, and they don't realize that anime' is not made FOR kids. Truthfully, alot of it is made FOR adults, and I'm not talking about anything sexually explicit, BUT anime' does tend to deal with more mature themes as opposed to bugs bunny, animaniacs, so on and so forth. And that is why most anime' doesn't get shown on TV or in movie theaters, which is a crying shame, because I would LOVE to see the new Appleseed anime that came out last year on a big screen like that, simply because it's one of the most kick ass anime's that I've seen in a LONG time. EVERYTHING about it is perfect, the animation, the storyline, the music, EVERYTHING fits and flows together perfectly. For two hours, I saw the BEST anime' that I've seen in a good long while. Just take a look at the picture that I posted of the collage of screenshots, and you will get the idea of the quality of the animation alone. But will Americans embrace anime' the same way they have embraced other forms of animation? Who knows, because it seems to me that this country is so full of people who want the American way, and no other way at all, and that's simply NOT the only way that there is of doing things. It's time for Americans to stop being so small-minded when it comes to animation, and open their minds to new possibilities, as well as monitor what their kids watch, because as I've said, not all anime' is for kids, it's not all Dragonball Z and Pokemon, not by a LONG shot. Or maybe what it is, is that it's hard for some people to accept things that they're not familiar with, and they tend to take longer to really get interested in it, like it's something that will somehow destroy their homes. It's not an atomic bomb, people, it's a piece of Japanese culture that we should embrace and accept, because if we don't, it may die out like the samurai did so long ago, and the Japanese won't have anything else left of their culture that makes them unique and different from Americans and our culture. Personally, I really wouldn't like to see every nation in this world become "Americanized" simply because I believe that every nation has a right to their own culture, BUT they also need to know the truth about who Jesus is, and that He does love them, and that He does accept them, but He does not however accept their false religious beliefs, if they have any. I believe that ANYTHING can be used for God's glory, as long as we ALLOW God to build us into the people that He created us to be, plain and simple. What does this have to do with anime'? Quite simply, anime' is a form of artistic expression, one of the highest forms, in my opinion, and that form can be used to glorify God in a positive and wonderful way, as long as we are willing to allow ourselves to do that. But as long as the American public lives in fear of what they're not familiar with, then they won't really know what anime' is, or what it's really about, or what positive things they can learn from it. CHA LA, HEAD CHA LA!!! :-p

I put all these pics together simply because I could not pick one pic from this AWESOME anime. SERIOUSLY, you HAVE to see this to really appreciate it for what it is.

This HAS to be the best video quality I've EVER seen on ANY anime movie file, PERIOD!!! HADOUKEN!!!

Pure Illustrator & KPT Vector Effects genious

Yet some more Photoshop goodness from yours truly

My webpage banner, showcasing more of my Photoshoppin' skillz

Another taste of my Photoshoppin' skillz, yo

Go out and get yours today!! :-p

An Addendum To The Side Note

MAN, I hope Dave Chappelle comes back, and does another season of his show on Comedy Central. That is one crazy ass dude, for real!!! I LOVED season 2, and season 1 was off the heezy fo sheezy, whatever the hell that means. I just said it so I would sound hip and cool, like my fellow black brothers. I LOVE his stand-up special, Killin' Them Softly, because he's always so up front and honest about what he believes, no matter how it may sound to people, and I respect that so much about him, and his brand of comedy. On behalf of every single American citizen, PLEASE COME BACK, DAVE CHAPPELLE!!! DON'T LEAVE US HANGIN', DAWG!!! Oh yeah, one other thing, "I'm Rick James, bitch!!!" I just HAD to say it.....:-p

A Side Note

If any of these pics don't want to load in ur browsers for whatever reason, just refresh the page. They've been givin' me some troubles as well, dunno y.....:-p

A taste of my Photoshop skillz

One of my all-time favorite web comics

Another pic that I digitally colored

One of many pics that I colored using Photoshop

I HAD To Post This

Fear The Gale!!!

Me In Full Effect

My Sasha kitty ^_^

The War Rages On

Filesharing, for as long as the internet has been around, people have been sharing files with one another, be it a simple .jpeg, .bmp, or .gif image file, or even a .txt file, people have been sharing these things with one another. So why does it come as such a huge shock to these RIAA and MPAA people that netizens would desire to share their music and/or movie collection with other people? Let's face it, that's the nature of technology, it's always growing and always expanding, and cannot be stopped from doing so because that's what it does, it grows and expands and gets better and better and better. Getting upset about people sharing .mp3 files, for example is like a midget getting upset over the fact that they are a midget. What do I mean by this? I'm glad you asked. What I mean is, a midget KNOWS that they are a midget, and they know that they cannot change the fact that they are a midget. Some people are meant to be six foot tall, others are meant to be five foot tall, and still others are meant to be two to three foot tall. Did God make a mistake? No, He did not, because He already KNEW that they would be as short as they are, and WHY they would be a short as they are. So what's with all the hubbub over sharing .mp3 files with one another? As I've stated in a previous post, if the RIAA wants people to buy CD's, then they need to get on the artists' asses about making GOOD, QUALITY music, because NO person is gonna go out and buy crap after crap after crap when it comes to music, at least I know I wouldn't. Oh yeah, it also helps if those said artists have TALENT, and I mean, REAL talent, not some computerized crap thrown together in the studio. The way I see it is this, if a person can perform better live than they do on their studio CD, then they got my vote as far as the talent department goes. That's exactly why I like the music that I like, such as Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Velvet Revolver, so on and so forth, because these bands are actually talented, imagine that. This is not to dis my fellow hoodrats, BUT it doesn't take a whole lot of talent to talk about how big a certain part of your body is that hangs between your legs, or about how many women you've made time with, nor does it say anything about yourself as a person. All that does is show that person's stupidity, and utter lack of caring for themselves, as well as other people. That being said, not all hip hop is bad, I know this to be true. I do like The Roots, for instance, simply because they do hip hop the way it should be done, as well as Jurassic 5, for the same reason, and The Blackeyed Peas aren't bad either, although I still haven't gotten my chicken fried steak dinner from them yet, and I'm in desperate need of some chicken fried steak right about now, along with some mashed potatoes and gravy, and a side of cornbread. Now, back to the topic at hand, the RIAA are the ones waging this war, simply because THEY want the money, and they think and believe, or rather, they want to MAKE us think and believe that WE are the ones taking money out of the pockets of these artists whose songs we download, when in reality, these artists most of the time don't even see that much money from their respective record labels anyway, and if they do, there's usually so many stipulations attached that it really doesn't matter in the long run how much money they DO get to keep. Besides, I would rather see my favorite artists in concert, and pay money to see them perform, because I already KNOW that they would be awesome in concert. How do I know this? Because, as I've said, they have TALENT, and they are that damn good, plain and simple. Can any one of these pop stars say that? NO they cannot. Why? Because they are still KIDS, they don't have the musical chops that Dave Matthews or Coldplay have, for example, and it shows severely in their trite, pointless music. On to the MPAA, the same things I said about the RIAA directly apply to this group of greedy ass people as well, if they want people to actually go out and spend their hard earned money on movies, then MAKE GOOD MOVIES THAT PEOPLE WILL WANT TO GO OUT AND SEE. I did see The Return Of The King twice in two different theaters, and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. WHY? Because that movie KICKED MAJOR ASS in theaters to see it on those big screens. The same thing for Kill Bill Vol. 2, that movie kicked major ass as well in theaters. THAT'S what I'm talking about here, folks, if good movies are made, then people will WANT to go to their local theaters and see them. But I also believe that it's a good idea to download a movie and preview it before-hand, so you're not going to see a stupid ass, half baked movie that Hollywood forced from its production studio bowels. As for that hurting DVD sales, that's stupid as hell as well, because most every new computer nowadays has DVD burners on them already, they come stock with these things already installed, along with the software needed to burn DVD's. So this whole thing about hurting sales of music and movies is just pointless, simply because as I've said, if good, quality material is out there, then people will WANT to pay money to see it, or own it, so they can watch or listen to it as much as they want, whenever they want. Now, for your enjoyment, Bernie the dancing midget.....

OK, It's Time Boys And Girls

This here is one of many polls that I, your faithful denizen of all things webilicious, will be bringin' to you, feel free to post your own responses to this poll, and to add your own poll of the top ten things.

The Top Ten Anime' Series That You Have Seen

10. Rahxephon
09. Serial Experiments Lain
08. Cowboy Bebop
07. Scryed
06. Full Metal Panic
05. Chobits
04. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
03. Trigun
02. Voltron, The Old Skool Version
01. Robotech, once again, The Old Skool Version

NO, I have not seen EVERY episode of some of these anime's, but I don't have to in order to get the overall, general idea of what these anime's are all about, and how kick ass they really are. But I will say this, Serial Experiments Lain is one of the most confusing anime's I've EVER seen. You seriously HAVE to watch the entire 13 episodes in order to really understand who Lain is, and what she's all about. That's it for this poll, friend of friends, as I said, feel free to post your very own top ten lists of the anime' series that you have seen, and I will read them, and consider downloa.....I mean, BUYING them....yeah, THAT'S what I meant to say :-p

Star Wars, They Are The Best Wars

After seeing Star Wars Episode III, I have to say that I'm glad that this series of six movies is FINALLY over, although I know in my heart that Star Wars nerds everywhere will be lamenting and grieving over this being the truth for months to come now, and they will be sitting in their parents' basements, looking longingly at their poster of Princess Leia, or Queen Amidala, or even Jabba The Hutt, and thinking to themselves, "It can't really be true, can it? I thought the force was with me...." I, for one, am GLAD that it's over, because waiting for ol' George Lucas to finish this series of movies was like waiting to get my teeth pulled. You know that feeling, you're sitting in the dentist's office, you have that feeling that you KNOW that you're about to spend too much money just to get one or two teeth pulled or filled, but you ALSO know that you HAVE to get it done, or that ridiculous pain will not shut the hell up, and it will only drive you to do something irrational that you will regret later on. Back to the S- to the T- to the ar Warz, dawg, cause yo, that movie was MAD CRAZY, son! Sorry, that was my ghetto side coming out again, sometimes I have to let him out, or he tries to eat up all my fried chicken and honey-butter biscuits, not to mention the tub of gravy that came with said chicken and biscuits. So anyway, I'm watching the new Star Wars movie, Revenge Of The Sith, and I'm thinking to myself how kick ass this movie really is, and the thing is, IT REALLY IS A KICK ASS MOVIE! It's not one of those movies that I will watch later on, and I'll look at it, and it won't be as good as when I first saw it, much like Austin Powers. I've seen that movie so much that I really don't care if I see it again, and I do like Mike Meyers alot, he is a funny ass mofo, no doubt about it. So, as I said, I was watchin' the new Star Wars flick, and I really, truthfully, and honestly have NO gripes about how they did this, or that, or how the story unfolded, because I was too busy ENJOYING it to really make a big scene about every little freaking detail. Seriously, why do some people feel like they HAVE to pick a movie apart, instead of just ENJOYING it for being the awesome movie that it is? I can understand some movies getting picked apart, such as Saw, simply because I heard that movie sucked ass, and I don't have to watch a movie to know how much ass it's gonna suck, it's just a sixth sense I have about movies, and NO, I do not see dead people, in case you were wondering. The whole thing about who is the Sith Lord IS kind of stupid though, because I already KNEW who it was, from the first time I saw this alleged Sith Lord in the FIRST movie, talking about his then-apprentice, Darth Maul. It all makes perfect sense that Senator Palpatine was the Sith Lord after all, simply because WHO ELSE would have been able to manipulate the senate the way he did, and WHO ELSE knew so much about space politics like he did? I can understand if a child didn't see that coming, because a child may not have seen the original Star Wars movies, but as for us old skoolers, it came as no surprise that he was after all the Lord of the THAT would be an awesome movie, Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars, it would have EVERY NERD IN THIS COUNTRY passing out in giant masses of horn rimmed glasses, and pocket protectors. Seriously, George Lucas and Steve Jackson, Michael Jackson, or whatever the hell Jackson this guy is who directed Lord of the Rings should get together and do this thang, cause it would be madd crazy, son! You'd have Jedi and Hobbits on the same screen, at the same precise time. Tell me that nerds everywhere would not rush out to see THAT in theaters. Onward to the Star Wars movie in question, the only real gripe that I do have is how Anakin turned to the dark side of the force, because it would seem to me that if turning to the dark side of the force was such an evil thing to do, such that it would make a person want to kill younglings, then it would have to be more dramatic than the way that Anakin pulled it off. Or maybe he was ALREADY ON THE PATH to joining the dark side, it just took him slicing off Mace Windu's arm to bring all of that to a close. Man, if I was Mace, I'd be lookin' at that white cracka and sayin' to him, "Yo, son, you a crazy ass cracka to be cuttin' off my arm. I'm up in this piece tryin' to slay me a sith lawd, and you be ALL up in my shiznit. That shiznit is fizzucked up, son!" Once again, I apologize for my ghetto side, he just HAD to say something about a black man gettin' his arm cut off, as if it has NEVER happened to any white person in a Star Wars movie. Calm down, homie, we all feel your pain. Yes, Samuel Jackson is a bad mofo, and his beer is delicious, just ask Dave Chappelle. "Now THAT is one crazy ass ni$$a, yo!" Yes, homie, he most certainly is a crazy ass ni$$a. The ending to the movie, of course, was superb. I LOVED how they finally showed exactly why Darth Vader has to wear that huge ass helmet, as well as that pimpin' black suit with the pimp cape. Seriously, he looks like a derivative from one of those 70's blaxploitation movies...."(heavy, deep breathing), Where's my money, ho?" Although, I have to say that that must have hurt like HELL to be burning alive in that fire pit, but that's what you get for joining the dark side, and for looking at your former master and telling him that you hate him WHILE you are burning alive. That, to me, in my mind, was pretty freakin' stupid of Anakin to say to Obi Wan, but I suppose it had to be said, so that the circle of joining the dark side would be complete, and Anakin would be on the dark side for the remainder of the movies, until Return of the Jedi. And seeing the Death Star being constructed at the very end, along with Darth Vader standing next to Pimperor Palpatine, was such a touching moment in cinematic history, one that I will not forget until the END OF TIME......OK, maybe I will forget it, but it's still a wonderful end to a wonderful movie, and FINALLY it's done, and we can all exhale, and go about our business, whatever business that may be.


Once again I'm back with yet ANOTHER query for your reading enjoyment: If we are supposed to enjoy the music made by the music industry, then why does most of it suck, and why do they still intend on telling us what genre of music we are listening to? Seriously, the amount of suckitude in the current music of today sucks so much, that its name should be Hoover, and it could clean the cat hair off of my carpet. If Brittina Spearsguilera comes out with yet ANOTHER contrived CD full of her/their usual bullshit about they're not yet a woman, but they're still a llama, or some other species of animal, I'm gonna go over there and personally shove it down her/their throat. OK, maybe I won't, but it's the thought that counts. WHO IN THE HELL TOLD THIS GIRL SHE COULD SING? I've made better sounds sitting on the toilet, taking a crap. Seriously, the only reason why she/they are even popular is because of her/their looks. If she/they were to gain about 20 or more pounds, then she/they would not be NEAR as popular as she/they are. Don't mistake what I'm saying to mean that I'm jealous of these no-brain half-wit young "pop princesses", because I really have no intention of becoming a said "princess". After all, I am a fully grown man that has more than two brain cells to rub together, which I did not waste on smoking dope, so they are not sitting at the bottom of some guy's bong that I would not remember anyway. It seems to me that if this RIAA wants people to BUY CD's, then they need to get on these artists' ass about making GOOD MUSIC, because people, no matter how podunk and redneck they may be, are not gonna buy ANY CD that sounds EXACTLY like the previous CD that came out by whatever artist. (Author's note: Author did not mean to offend any rednecks that may be reading this. Author understands that if said redneck reads this, they may be offended, and the Skoal chewing tobacco may come shooting from their redneck-y mouths). Onward and upward, friends. Onto the second part of this biopic series of questions: Why does the music industry intend so much on telling its listeners what genre of music they are listening to? What I mean by this seemingly confusing question is simply this: Isn't it the ultimate desire of EVERY SINGLE recording artist out there to make music that is not defined by a singular genre, such as rock, hip-hop, r&b, pop, country, so on and so forth? If you ask me, which you didn't, but if you DID ask me, I would tell you that any artist that dares to break out of whatever mold they were cast in as far as the type of music they do usually has a HELL of a time getting out of that genre, and making a name for themselves as a multi-genre artist. But there has been some artists who have done just that. One such artist is Shania Twain. While I don't get down and get funky to the sounds of miss Twain, or even Mark Twain for that matter, Shania has proven that it can be done. People CAN break out of the rut of being labeled this genre, or that genre, and they can be free to roam about in the vastness of the musical universe. No matter how dramatic and spectacular that sounds, it simply means that people can break out of that mold cast by themselves, the music industry, or whoever else put that mold on them as being whatever genre of artist they find themselves molded into. So what to do about all these young, cool and hip "artists" that sound EXACTLY the same as each other? Leave them alone, and let them grow up and realize how cheesy and contrived their music actually is, because one day they will be listening to the radio, when they are old as hell, and they will hear their song on the radio and it will be an OLDIES station, or it could be in an ELEVATOR. That's right, Brittina Spearsguilera, that's where all your music is headed for, so get ready and start likin' it. SIDENOTE: I can't wait for Britney Spears' child to ask his/her mommy: "Why do you do such crappy music?" Of course this is meant to be sarcastic, but I would not at all be surprised if her child did ask her that, after being FORCED to listen to her sing while they were in her womb. Think about THAT and try to sleep at night......

My Current Musical Tastes

The thing about my musical tastes is that I'm from the old school, meaning, I've been around the block for awhile now, and not only that, but I've also grown up with a musician for a mother, who kicks serious ass at playing guitar, as well as being an excellent song writer, and all around musician. This is most definitely a gift that God gave her, plain and simple, as is the gift that I have for art and graphic design. That being said, I tend to listen to all sorts of different music, from The Beatles to Velvet Revolver, when I am creating various designs in my graphics programs of choice, whatever they may be at the time. Although currently, I'm learning to embrace 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop CS2 kicks so much ass, that the ass it kicks fell off onto the floor and rolled down the street, never to be seen again. Illustrator CS2, on the other hand, is its own unique beast in that it's still pretty much exactly like Illustrator CS, but Adobe FINALLY added the functionality of being able to convert a raster drawing, such as a .jpeg image, DIRECTLY into vector using a new feature called Live Trace, which is EXACTLY like their now-defunct program Streamline, but with alot of new features thrown in. I highly recommend trying this new feature out for yourself, so you can see it in its full glory, as well as the other new feature called, Smart Fill, whereupon you can select a portion of your newly created vector image created from your .jpeg source image, and fill EXACTLY the portion of it that you want to fill with whatever color you choose to fill it with. Essentially, it makes coloring alot easier in Illustrator, although, I still prefer using Photoshop for digital coloring simply because there's alot more options in that program than in Illustrator for doing that type of coloring. NOW, back to my musical tastes, so far, I have been deviating more toward Coldplay's amazing music, simply because the lead singer's voice is so melodic and easy to sing along with, as well as their lyrics being wonderfully crafted. Of course, I have a few Foo Fighters songs that are essential, or at least they are in MY mind, these songs are as follows: Everlong, Breakout, and Learning To Fly, as well as a couple by Benfolds Five, who are also an amazing group, whose music ROCKS, considering their music is strictly piano driven.....who knew that PIANO ROCK kicked so much ass? And for the times that I'm feeling especially artsy, I pop in some P.M. Dawn mp3's, and create away. Don't ask me why, but their music is really awesome, I can't put my finger on WHY it is, but it is nonetheless. I did create a long-ass list of various songs that I put into a playlist, but the whole list is WAAAAAAY too long to put on here, but it's got everything from Dave Matthews to alot of really good, yes I said it, REALLY GOOD 80's songs. Believe it or not, but people still jam out to 80's music. I find it to be alot better than most music made nowadays, no matter how campy and cheesy alot of it is. And when I'm feeling really kick ass, I listen to Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden, who in my mind, are a couple of the BEST rock bands to come out in a LONG time, simply because they are so freaking original in their approach to music, although it may seem like their music is derivative. Oh well, I guess it's an acquired taste, much like the first time you feel a nasty, slimy oyster slide down your throat, and you think to yourself, "That tasted EXACTLY like that loogie I swallowed a few minutes ago." Maybe not the best analogy, but OH FREAKING WELL!! Sorry, had an explosion of pointless rage just then......Ho, hum, now what? Guess I better go to bed, gotta get my sleep.......Of course, my cat is passed out like she's been hittin' the Jack Daniel's hard, although, I KNOW I didn't put any in her water dish :-p

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Kid On The Block

That's right, I'm the new kid on the block, and I got the right stuff, just like that cheesy ass boy band from the early nineties. MAN that was a weird time for music, all sorts of craziness going on, we had the New Kids On The Block, which, to be honest, looked more like a group of young guys who couldn't kick their own ass out of a wet paper bag, Vanilla Ice, who, in MY mind, is the dopest white rapper EVER (sorry Eminem, but I had to say it. Don't sic Dr. Dre on me), and who could forget MC Hammer, with his trademark baggy-ass-fallin'-down-to-his-ankles weird ass pants. I won't lie to you, I had me a pair of those things, simply because they were the hot fashion back in the day, as well as the trademark silk/ rayon shirt that you wore with such pants. As I said, it was a weird time. And to top it all off, Yo MTV Raps was the DOPEST show on TV, YO!!! Ya heard me? No? Well, that's ok, cause I'm just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut, whatever the hell that means....I've personally NEVER seen a squirrel that had a hard time obtaining said NUT when it was hungry, and it was on the lookout for that NUT. It's not like the squirrel was all like, "Damn, man, I gots to get me a nut, yo, cause I'm MAD hungry up in this piece"..... Or maybe it was, it could have been a hip-hop squirrel, who knows? Oh yeah, one other thing I HAVE to say to all white people trying to be black......WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH BEING WHITE? Did God make a mistake when He made you white? Did He somehow get the coloring of your skinz wrong, yo? Seriously MC Cracka, you're a white boy, and the same goes to all those white girls, you're not Queen Latifah, you're Jennifer from the suburbs, and Alex P. Keaton is your brother, YOU CAME FROM WHITEVILLE, U.S.A., so deal with it, and get over this compulsive desire you have to be black, because you're not meant to be that color and/ or race. If I have to see and/ or hear another white person who talks like they're black, I'm gonna grab a mirror, and SHOW THEM that they are white, and say to them, "Do you know what it means to be white? Have you forgotten that aspect of who you are?" It is seriously like so many white people have lost their identities, they don't even know who they are anymore, and they latch onto other races, because they think that those races will show them who they are, and tell them who they are. OK, I'll get off of my soapbox now, and take a good, long look at myself in the mirror.....hey, I'm a white man, who has no problem with being white, nor do I have a problem with any person who is secure in their own race, nor do I judge anyone, I'm just a white man who recognizes these things in society as being utterly stupid. And I do speak from experience about the whole white-boy-trying-to-be-black complex, because I've been there, and done it myself. I know all the tricks and all the lies. Anyone wanna comment on this post, feel free to add your own experiences with either a hip hop squirrel trying to get his nut on, cheesy ass nineties music, or the infamous white person trying to be black complex.

Homo's And Kittens, Oh My!!!

Alrighty then, got a new blog going, and I have NO IDEA what the hell to tell ya'll about. Guess I can start with the obvious, I'm a graphic artist/ designer, who, like so many of my kind, is looking for work. I am proficient in Photoshop, as well as Illustrator, I can design any sort of logo, signature, etc., provided that I have some input from the person who wants me to design it for them. I am a Christian as well, not a religious nut like so many, but I'm a REAL Christian in that I follow God's Word, but I don't bash others to hell with it, nor do I judge anyone who chooses to believe whatever they choose to believe, BUT I do stick to what I believe. That being said, I believe that Christians by and large are HUGELY misunderstood, because we are all judged based upon what religious folks do, what they say, and so on and so forth. That, of course, is an extremely wrong thing to do to ANY person, regardless of whether or not they are a Christian, because it's wrong to lump any one person into a large category along with everyone else. WHY? Because every person is different, it's that simple, and no, I don't mean different as in being "gay", I mean different in that God makes every person He makes in His image completely different and special than the next person, and that's what makes it such a cool thing to be alive. Some people see this as a hinderance, but in reality, it's our differences that make it possible for us to share unique and special ideas. I don't mean to use the term "gay" in a derogitory way, that's just the best way I can think to put it, because so many homosexuals tend to think that they are like they are because God made them that way, and that is such a lie that it's ridiculous. God doesn't put that into any person to be homosexual, nor is any person like that when they are born. Maybe I've said too much about this already, so I'll cut it off there, and divert ur attention with......a picture of a cute kitty!! What is it about pics of cats, or more specifically, baby kittens, that causes us to forget all the evil junk in this world, and just look at them and say, "Awwww, how cute". No matter what language you may speak, you will inevitably utter, "Awwww, how cute" when you see a pic of a baby kitten or two. Sorry to freak anyone out with all this talk about homosexuality, by the way, it's just something that I needed to get off my chest, and I'm glad I did, because I've dealt with alot of homosexual people who think that they are normal, and it's all good, and all that stuff, but the truth is, THEY ARE NOT HAPPY. How do I know? Simply because any person who is truly happy does not need any other person to justify their happiness for them, it's something that that person just KNOWS in their heart. Again, sorry for raising the topic of homosexuality yet again, but it needs to be said, and this is, after all, the internet, and if anyone reads this, and thinks that I'm bashing homosexuals, then they don't know that I really don't care what their opinions of me are, because I know that I'm not like that with other people, regardless of who they are. Once again, pictures of cute baby kitties!!! (Simultaneous AWWWWW sounds follow) Anyway, that's it for this post, I'll be back to let ya'll know what else is crackin' up in my dome piece, nah mean, dawg? (Author apologizes for his use of ebonics, as he is not actually african american, or of african american descent).