Saturday, June 25, 2005

A pic I made using 3D Studio Max 7 & Photoshop CS2

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Only God IS God

Once again, I come with an important message that people really need to take to heart, and allow to sink into their spirits. Since time began, with the inevitable fall of man in the garden of Eden, satan has conspired to deceive people into thinking that he is God, and he should be worshipped. I know that it doesn't EXACTLY say that in the book of Genesis, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but that's what satan wanted to try to convince them of, in a nutshell. That's the REAL gyst of what satan was up to in the garden of Eden waaaaaaaaaay back then, and of course, because Eve was not educated by God about why she shouldn't eat from that tree, she was, of course, deceived by satan himself into eating from that tree, and Adam followed suit, because he loved Eve so much, so he figured that if she ate of the fruit, then it must be OK, even though he WAS properly educated by God to NOT eat from that tree, but that's a WHOLE other message, and it will come to me from God at another time. What is my point in saying all this about Adam and Eve, and the whole garden of Eden deception caused by satan? As I said, satan wants people to think of him as God, and he wants people to worship him, and follow after his ways. But there's one HUGE problem with satan's schemes, as usual, ONLY God IS God, and there is NO OTHER gods above Him, nor will He allow or have ANY other gods above Him. This is why He is referred to in His Word as God Almighty, because that's what He is, ALMIGHTY, meaning, He ALONE holds ALL power in the palm of his hand, period, end of statement. Here is something that EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to seriously think upon and allow it to soak into their hearts, minds, souls, and spirits: He called us, by Himself, He redeemed us, by Himself, He set us free, by Himself, and He will take us to heaven, by Himself, He doesn't need any help at all, He ALONE is God. He doesn't need anyone's permission to BE God. He IS that He IS. He doesn't have to ask us if it's OK for Him to be God, He IS God, and He wants to be God in our lives, all the time, in EVERY area. He did, of course, send His Son to die for our sins, so that we can live free from those sins, and be found blameless in His sight, through the Blood of His Son that was shed for our sins, on our behalves, when Jesus died on that cross. And of course, because Jesus rose from the dead, He proved that He IS the Saviour of the world, because if He wasn't, then He would not have kept ANY of the promises that He made to us, nor would He have gone about, doing signs and wonders, as well as fulfilling the prophecies made about Him in the old testament. NONE of these things would have happened, if Jesus wasn't who He said He was. But He of course IS, because God IS that He IS, and it was God's will that His only begotten Son die on the cross for our sins. This is also the reason why the Holy Spirit exists, because the Holy Spirit IS God's own spirit, and ONLY God could create the Holy Spirit to be a unique and separate and holy being. That being said, if ANY person thinks of themselves as being on the same level as God, then let me see you create a whole universe, just by SPEAKING it forth, or let me see you destroy the sun, without destroying all the other planets and star systems around it, and THEN create ANOTHER sun by speaking it forth. You couldn't do it, and that is because you are not God, NONE of us are, ONLY GOD IS GOD, and ONLY He could do that, and alot more, if we will only LET Him. The REAL question is, do we want God to be God in our lives? Is that what we really want, more than life or anything itself? If you say that you're a Believer, then you ALREADY know the answer to that question, and it's not a hard thing to answer at all. But if you're reading this, and you're not yet a Believer, then ask God to show Himself to you, to make Himself real to you, and He will do it, because that's what He wants to do. He WANTS to have a real and healthy relationship with you, one that is built upon love, trust, and commitment, and is founded in His Word. If you don't yet know how to go about this, then just ask Jesus into your heart, by praying this simple prayer: Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, I know that I cannot save myself from my own self, nor can I save myself from my own sins. I NEED You, Jesus, to come into my heart, and cleanse me with Your Blood. Please, Lord Jesus, be Lord of my life, and be my Saviour. I am desperate for You, Jesus, and I desperately need You to save me. It's that simple, no strings attached, nothing hidden or anything else, it's as easy as that. Just ask, and you WILL receive, as God said in His Word that you will. This goes for ANY person, plain and simple. If you read this today, and you are willing to ask Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and Saviour, then I ask that you please leave a comment, but only do so if you are SERIOUS, and not being stupid or childish about it, because this is NOT A JOKING MATTER.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A WHOLE Slew Of New Art

I just posted three new pics that I digitally colored, for your viewing enjoyment. The top picture took me FOREVER, mainly because of all the little details. The middle pic, of the girl, surprisingly didn't take me NEAR that long, given all the cel shading I did to that picture. The bottom pic, of the guy holding the huge bazooka-lookin' weapon didn't take that long either. The wonders of Photoshop's lighting effects filter are amazing, as well as the polygonal lasso tool. And of course, the smudge and blur tools are amazing as well.

Photoshop CS2 color work, original drawing by Elsevilla

Photoshop CS2 cel shading, original drawing by a artist

Photoshop CS2 coloring work, original drawing by Elsevilla

This HAS To Be Said

Go to that site, and read this load of horsecrap that these supposed MIT "geniouses" came up with. WHO IN THE HELL WOULD SPEND THEIR HARD-EARNED MONEY, GOING TO A "PRESTIGIOUS" SCHOOL SUCH AS M I FREAKIN' T TO SPEND THEIR TIME HOLDING A "TIME TRAVELER'S" CONVENTION? Seriously, is THIS what our tax dollars are doing, helping idiotic "geniouses" to hold their stupid ass conventions, whereupon they discuss ripping holes in the space-time continuum, causing a lapse in universal memory? GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK. What I wanna know is, HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT THE PEOPLE AT THIS CONVENTION ARE TRULY TIME TRAVELERS? How do they know that these same people didn't make all that crap up about being from the future or past, and they somehow were able to travel into this specific time, right here, right now? Oh yeah, and from what I read on a page that is directly linked from the homepage where I stumbled onto this steaming pile of crap of a message was a page that said that you will have to RSVP in order to get into this "time traveler's convention". HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO THAT, WHEN YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT THIS CONVENTION WAS GONNA HAPPEN, OR IF YOU REALLY ARE FROM THE FUTURE, THEN THIS CONVENTION HAD ALREADY HAPPENED, RIGHT? I can see the scenario now: "MAN, this sucks, I can't get into this time traveler's convention because I forgot to RSVP, and here I am, from the future time of 3000." Or what about THIS for a scenario: "But I was JUST in here, I DID RSVP, I just had to use the bathroom in the past, so that my friends and family in that time wouldn't think anything weird had happened to me, and I JUST got back to this time, so I can enjoy this time traveler's convention with my fellow "geniouses" ". Do you see how stupid these scenarios are, and how stupid this WHOLE "convention" is? It seems to me that all these people want to do is, skirt the REAL issue of them not wanting to deal with reality, and LIVE in reality, by holding this asinine "time traveler's" convention. Of course, the very same thing can be said for all the star wars, star trek, and various other sci-fi conventions that are held ALL THE TIME. And people FLOCK to them, in droves, most of them dressed as their favorite characters from whatever sci-fi movie they have a hard-on for. THIS IS NOT REALITY, FOLKS, IT'S A MOVIE. Do you weirdos think that George Lucas started the whole star wars franchise so nerdy nerds like you could spend your money going to dumb ass conventions, dressing up as a wookie, or whatever the hell other characters you drool over? NO HE DID NOT. The WHOLE star wars saga was FIRST a really long and drawn out story that George Lucas came up with himself, and he decided that it would make for some really good movies. And it did, but I'm sure, as I said before, that good ol' George Lucas NEVER intended for people to take this stuff so freakin' seriously, nor so literally. This is not meant to bash any star wars nerds, or any other sci-fi or "time travelling" nerds that are out there. As the title of this post says, IT HAS TO BE SAID, it's that simple, and now that I have said what I've been wanting to say for a really long time now concerning all this sci-fi stupidity, I have to admit that I DO feel a hell of alot better. May the force be with you. :-p

Friday, June 17, 2005

Sin Is Sin

What does this post mean? Am I bashing those who are "sinners", am I using my "Christianity" as leverage against these "sinners"? NO I AM NOT. I am just simply stating the truth, that sin is sin, and God does see EVERY sin as being just as bad as every other sin. He doesn't look at, for instance, pornography, as being any worse of a sin as murder, or molestation as being any worse than lying. It is ALL sin in God's eyes, plain and simple. That being said, pornography is a SERIOUS issue amongst EVERY person, whether you call yourself a "Christian", or you don't, and this issue is not gonna go away until people, regardless of their spiritual background, start owning up and admitting that they do have a problem with it. This is not about being or not being a "Christian", it is about being held accountable for the things we allow. Even carnal people who admit and own up to having a problem with whatever addictions they have can usually get free from those addictions. WHY? Because they are exposing satan's lies, and those lies can no longer hold onto them once they are exposed. So if carnal people, who choose to live their lives for their own selves, can have that sort of deliverance, IMAGINE what God's people can experience, if they will just be honest about their secret sins, and allow God to deliver them from those things? One simple word comes to my mind about this, and that word is SURRENDER. SOOOO much can happen for us if we will choose to surrender those thoughts of sin to God, and allow Him to take them from us, and allow Him to cleanse our minds with His Blood. That's the main thing that I think is what holds people back from being TRULY delivered, truly surrendering their lives and all they are unto God Almighty. We HAVE to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, if we truly do desire to be delivered from those sinful things, and allow Him to take those things from us, so that we can begin to live free from them, as He wants us to. At the end of this post, which is right about now, is a URL for a WONDERFUL site that deals with the RIGHT way to handle pornography. ANY person who reads this should SERIOUSLY check this site out, it truly is a breath of fresh air.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

What does the title of this post mean? Simply that we really have no idea just how much impact we can have each and every day that we are alive. We really do not know how many people's lives we influence just in the simple actions and activities that we choose to place ourselves in. Can you remember all the people that you have met so far over the course of this year? Can you recall what those people thought of you? No, you cannot, because it's impossible to recall things of that nature. But God knows and sees our attitudes towards other people, and He knows and sees the thoughts of those people towards us. This is why it's so important for us to always show love to people, because without love, what are we? What point and purpose does life itself have without God's love? NONE, because God IS love, it IS who He IS, as His Word IS who He IS. So that means that His Word was written through love, by Him inspiring people to write His Word. Did God control the minds of those who wrote His Word? No He did not, because God does not HAVE to control anything we do or say, all He has to do is simply show up, and we IMMEDIATELY feel His love emmanating from His presence, as well as the acceptance that He has for us. Does this mean that EVERY person knows that love? Sadly, no it doesn't mean that, because we cannot know what REAL, TRUE love is, without knowing Jesus as our Saviour. It doesn't matter what we think or feel about that, that's how it is. It is written that NO man comes unto the Father, but by the Son, and that's EXACTLY what God's Word means, NO man can have communion with Him, unless they FIRST confess that Jesus is their Saviour, because flesh cannot communicate with spirit, and since God IS a pure spirit, we cannot hope to ever talk to Him without first acknowledging His Son as our Saviour. Does that mean that God doesn't hear the prayers made by every person? Of course He does, but it's up to US to believe that God heard our prayers, and that He will answer our prayers. That's how God does things, by faith. Faith is how He created this whole universe, as well as all the planets and all the living creatures, including us, on this earth. It is written that without faith, it is impossible to please God. That simply means that as long as we choose to NOT do things the way that God says to do them, which is by faith, then we won't be pleasing to Him. It's that simple. Every single day that we are alive is a test of that faith that God has put in us, and some days can appear to be harder than others, BUT God is STILL in control, and He is STILL in charge. That is all the more reason why we should live as though today is the last day of the rest of our lives, because it very well COULD be. Don't take what I just said to mean that we should live our lives out of fear, because that's not what I mean at all. I am simply stating that we should put that much more faith in God than we did the day before, because He is the One who caused us to wake up to see another day. Did any person reading this know that they would wake up to see this day? NO they did not, as a matter of fact, how could anyone reading this post have known that they would wake up to see this day? NO person would have known that, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow, and we cannot get yesterday back, as it says in God's Word.

A tasty pic I made using 3D Studio Max 7 & Photoshop CS2.....ENJOY!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

They Say It's Your Birthday

That's right, folks, it is my b-day today, and I have to say, I feel different inside, like this past year has been very prosperous and fruitful in its own way. It's hard for me to fully put what I feel inside in a contextual form, other than to say that I feel different. But not in any bad way, of course. I don't have a serious disease or any other ailment like that, to which I am eternally grateful to God for. I expect this next year of my life to be more fruitful and prosperous than the last, because that is what God wants for me, and I KNOW that's what He wants for me. I feel as though alot of things that needed to be resolved FINALLY got resolved, and it happened over the past couple of weeks. That goes to show me that we really don't know when things will truly be resolved alot of times, only God knows when that will happen, and only He is the One who can help us to choose to resolve the issues in our lives. Making the right choice can be a hard thing to do, when you don't know what the right choice is. I know that alot of people always say, "Just follow your heart", but what if there's nothing but confusion and pain in your heart? What do you do then? What is the path you should follow then? It's always easy to throw out a phrase like, "Just follow your heart" when we are confronted with questions made by people who are hurting, and truthfully and honestly DO NOT KNOW where to turn, or even how to handle the pain and hurt in their own lives. What people who are hurting need to know is that God knows their pain, because He sent Himself down to this earth in a physical body, and named His Son Jesus, the ONLY person who was born without sin. Imagine, if you will, being that Saviour, born without sin, just living your life in righteousness and right standing with God, and then you go to see a man by the name of John the baptist, who was baptising people in a lake, and you KNOW that it's your time to be baptised, so that God, your Father, can put His anointing upon you, as well as the ministry that He has for you to fulfill. Not only that, but you also know in your heart that one day you will face brutal and terrible amounts of torment and beatings that NO PERSON SHOULD EVER FACE, period. BUT, you are called to a higher calling, and you know in your heart of hearts that this is why you were born, why you are here. THIS is what your Father created you to accomplish. Would you still carry out the whole thing, from beginning to end, and STILL look upon those who will not accept you with love in your eyes, as well as a compassion in your heart to STILL want to help them? Being the Saviour could not have been done by any person, other than the Son of God, plain and simple. What does this have to do with my birthday? I'll tell you what it has to do with my birthday. Because I was born on a specific date and time, there is a record of my existence on this earth, as well as blood samples, so on and so forth. In other words, there is medical proof that I was born, and that I physically exist. But what about spiritually? How can the fact that I have existed spiritually be proven by any natural and physical means on this earth, when God Himself cannot be physically and/ or naturally understood? I'll tell you how: the Word of God, which states that God Himself FOREKNEW me. What does that mean? That means that before I EVER had a birthday, or day of birthing, in this physical realm, God ALREADY created me, waaaaaay before I was born into this natural, physical realm. I don't mean for this to sound like I'm bragging or trying to make myself sound like I'm more holy than any other person, BUT before I was EVER on this earth, I was FIRST created in heaven, by God, as a spirit. And the same thing goes for EVERY person born into this physical realm. We were ALL first created as spirits in Heaven, by God, and we ALL knew God at that point, and He knew us. He not only knew us, he KNEW us, meaning, He knew exactly what we would become, when He allowed us to be born into this world, provided that we made the right choices, and provided that we would choose His Son as our Saviour. But what happened when we were born into this world? How did we forget about God when we passed from the spirit realm into this natural, physical realm? This happened because we were born into sin, and sin is what seperated us from God. BUT God already knew that that would happen to us, that we would eventually have to be born into this natural, physical world, and that by being born into sin, that we would forget about Him, the One who FIRST created us in His image and likeness. So, all people's FIRST birthday was when God created them in Heaven, as pure spirits, which knew NO sin. While this birthday may symbolize that I have been on this earth for 31 years, it is by NO means my FIRST birthday, because I am more than I appear to be to the natural, carnal person. And that is the truth, as it is the truth for EVERY person whom God created in His image and likeness.

Another pic made using 3D Studio Max 7 & Photoshop CS2

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Made this using 3D Studio Max 7 & Photoshop CS2

Thursday, June 09, 2005

What Is Purpose?

I'm sure every single person reading this post has at one time or another in their lifetime asked themselves one question, "Why am I here?" And there are always things in this world that satan will try to use to tell us why we are here, such as having a job that pays a ton of money, so that we can afford to buy an expensive house with a huge garage, three stories, the whole nine yards. But that is not the REAL purpose that God has for us. I'm not saying that He doesn't want His children to have nice things, and to be blessed and to live in wonderful prosperity, He DOES, but He does not want for the things He blesses us with to become the purpose of our lives. He NEVER intended for us to praise the things he gives us more than we praise Him, because when we do that, we miss the WHOLE point of why He blessed us to begin with. God does not cause us to be greatly blessed so that we will turn our backs on Him, and play keep up with the Joneses with what He gave us, rather, He blesses us all according to our level of faith in Him, as it says in His Word, "as your faith is, so be it unto you". What does that have to do with His purpose for our lives, you may be asking right now? EVERYTHING, because without faith in God, how can we even begin to say that we know what His purpose for our lives really is? We DON'T know, plain and simple, cut and dried, tried and true. And NO OTHER PERSON can tell us what God's purpose for us is either, because ONLY He knows what His unique purpose for our lives really is, and what it is all about. But I can tell you this, in order to come to a greater knowledge of His purpose for our lives, we HAVE to read His Word, and we HAVE to live our lives according to His Word, and be obedient to what His Word says, it is that simple. Otherwise, HOW WILL WE KNOW WHAT HIS PURPOSE FOR OUR LIVES REALLY IS? God is the One who made us in His image, and likeness, not vice versa, we didn't create God in our image, as alot of people tend to think, because we were not yet even created on this earth, UNTIL God created us. This whole thing reminds me of the who came first, the chicken or the egg routine. Of COURSE the chicken was created first, how else was the egg created by the chicken, and who else but God could have enabled that chicken to be able to lay the eggs that would inevitably allow baby chickens to hatch from them? It's amazing how animals know their purpose on this earth, but so many people do not, and those same people always want to tell everyone else what they should be doing. I personally don't waste my time with doing that, because I DON'T KNOW WHAT PURPOSE GOD HAS FOR ANY PERSON, unless He reveals it to me, and He wants me to say it to that person, so that they can gain a greater revelation of what God's purpose for them is. I'm God's child, as well as His humble servant, and I am here to do His will and His purpose for the life that He gave to ME, not for me to do the will that He gave to someone else, as well as the purpose that He gave to someone else to fulfill. If they fall short of that purpose, then that is because they chose to not fulfill it. Let's face it, people EVERYWHERE have the opportunity to read and study God's Word, all the time, day or night, rain or shine. The question is, WILL THEY DO IT? Are they willing to put aside their petty, stupid crap and just admit to God that they don't know ANYTHING, and that they need Him to show them what they should do? HOW ELSE WILL THEY KNOW HIS PURPOSE FOR THEIR LIVES? I don't mean to sound like I'm shouting or yelling, or that I'm angry, I'm not angry at all, I'm just trying to express how important it is for people to get with God on their own, and have one on one time with Him, as He wants to do, so that He can show them what He wants to show them. If anyone reading this post has not yet read The Purpose Driven Life, then I HIGHLY suggest reading that book, because it is a wonderful way to find out why we are here on this earth. I HIGHLY suggest buying a copy of that book, and reading it day by day, one chapter at a time, because it really is a wonderful book, and I so far am only up to chapter four, after my third day of reading it, and it has already made a huge impression on me. I don't know what else I can say in this post that I haven't said already, so I will end it with a wonderful scripture from Philippians 1:6 - I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will continue until the day of the return of Jesus Christ, developing that good work and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you. Amen, and amen.

When Fear Is Wrong

Fear. To many, this word conjures up thoughts of being deathly afraid of the unknown circumstances that life brings our way. To others, it brings up thoughts that remind us of how inadequate we are in whatever situation we find ourselves in. While others think of this word, and we try our hardest to face it head on, with no help from God, thus failing in our attempts to control it. But this is clearly the wrong form of fear. This form of fear makes no mention of why we should revere God, or that we should even expect God to deliver us from whatever it is that is holding us in this form of fear. This is because this form of fear is purely demonic. This form of fear is Satan's perversion of what God designed fear to be. God did not design fear to be so that we would be afraid to come unto Him, but rather, He designed fear so that we would always have a deep revere for who He is, meaning, we know that we know that we know that if God were to take His mighty hand from our lives, or even from this universe, we would all die. This form of fear is not wrong, nor is it demonic. This form of fear reminds us of who God is, and how mighty and full of grace and mercy He is, but not the way the world would perceive this form of fear to be. This form of Godly fear can only be experienced when we allow God to reveal to us just how awesome and majestic and full of mercy and love He really is. This will eventually be revealed as truth to more and more people, especially to God's people, the closer that the days become to Jesus' return. This is one way that Jesus will know us, because we will have such a deep reverential fear of who God is, that we can't help but to praise Him, and to worship Him. But again, this praise and worship is not done out of Satanic fear, but out of righteous fear, and as I've already stated, this form of fear only comes when we allow God to show us who He is. This is a daily process that occurs the more that we walk with and fellowship with God Almighty. Believe it or not, but this form of fear brings a sense of awe and wonder, because there is no way in this world that we could ever fully see God or fully understand who He is in our natural minds because this would literally cause our brains to shut down. It would be just the same as when a computer suffers a massive influx of data that it cannot contain. The neural networks within our brains would cease to work simply because we would suffer a mental meltdown, and we would be reduced to a vegetative state. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here, fear is not meant to be a form of control. This is what Satan made fear into, when he perverted it and programmed people's minds through all the demonic movies and all the demonic musicians out in the world that serve not God's purpose, but they serve Satan's purpose. True fear is not controlling at all, but as I've already stated, it brings forth a revere for God that cannot be explained in mere words simply because we do not possess the vocabulary to explain it. This, simply put, is the point when we realize just how much we really do need God, and all we can do is lift our hands to Him and with our hearts cry out to Him and praise Him for all that He is in our lives.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Apples And Oranges

Well, folks, Apple Computers FINALLY wised up and jumped on the Intel party barge. I figured it would happen, given time, and the fact that NOONE wants to spend out the ass for a computer that is nothing more than raspberry colored, and has LESS PROGRAMS made for it than PC's do. Is that to say that Macs before now are not good? Of course they are good, provided that they have more than adequate RAM installed in them, because let's face it, folks, a computer cannot run JACK if it doesn't have enough RAM installed. And considering that Apple Computers is all about making their OS look all fancy smancy, it's gonna take at LEAST 1 gb of RAM to run everything on that OS, including the fancy smoke and lighting effects when you open up and/or close applications. I seem to recall the main difference between Macs and PC's being how the two platforms handled the data that went through their respective processors. Macs, as I recall, allowed data to flow in a constant, straight, and steady line, whereas PC's started out with a wide area for the data to flow in, then the data was forced into this funnel lookin' shape towards the bottom, and out came a delicious smoothy. But really, folks, it's all just about as much as comparing apples to oranges at this point, ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that Apple is going to be implementing Intel chipsets into their computers. Will Apple Computers somehow beat out PC's by doing this? I don't think they will, I think Apple finally realized the futility of making their computers so freaking expensive that NOONE can afford them, unless they of course have three jobs, and are willing to sell their children on the black market. This makes the whole Switch-to-Apple-computers thing stupid and pointless, now doesn't it? As if it wasn't ALREADY stupid and pointless to begin with. Seriously, where in the blue hell did Apple find the people to do those commercials? Most of them looked like the kind of kids that got picked on ALL THE TIME, even in high school, then in college, and then they bought an Apple computer, and NOW they are better than EVERYONE. There is also, of course, the people on those ads that act like they have NEVER operated a freakin' computer before in their whole lives, and when they HAPPENED to use some crappy company PC that was probably older than them, they, of course, in their computing wisdom, chose to go with Apple, and spend 2 grand on a computer that is fuschia colored. Give me a (bleeping) break, if you don't know anything about computers, then LEARN. It's the year 2005, people, it's time to jump into the digital age.....hey, that's the name of this blog! Seriously, though, if you don't even KNOW what a computer looks like by this time, then you most likely won't EVER know how to use one. Jeez, the freakin' things came out in the early to mid 80's, and it was Apple that paved the way for the computing revolution, so I gots to give props to Steve Jobs for being the first one on the scene. If anyone wants to find out more info about how and where computers first got started, I seriously suggest watching a wonderful movie made oddly enough by TNT called Pirates of Silicon Valley. That movie explains EVERYTHING, even how Bill Gates walked into IBM computers waaaay back in the day, and told them that he had this revolutionary idea for their computers, called DOS. I'll leave it at that, and just say, WATCH THE MOVIE if you want to know more about how computers originated. Now the main question on my mind will be, should I get the peach colored Macintosh, with the blue pentium 4 processor and one gig of ram in it, or should I just stick with the basic black PC tower with the Pentium 4 processor with the same amount of ram in it? As I said, Apples and oranges. :p

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

Hello, everyone, it's your friendly caped crusader back with another post. I know it's been a few days since my last post, but that's because I've been going through some personal stuff which is of a molestation nature. No, Michael Jackson didn't do it, but some other person did it to me, and apparently, I don't remember it, which is not of a huge surprise to me at all, because when this happens to small children, they do tend to block it out of their minds because the pain is too great to bear. I know what you all are gonna ask me, "Do you want to see the person who did this to you dead?" Honestly, no I don't. Why? Because this person is ALREADY dead, maybe not physically, but emotionally he is as dead as a person can be, and I don't want to put any more death upon any person than they should go through, because that's not for me to do to any person. Besides, I know who the real enemy is, and that is satan, and I know that all satan was trying to do to me then was kill any chances of me coming into the destiny that God created for me. That being said, God's destiny MUST be huge for me, because if it wasn't, satan would not have had that person do that to me, even though, like I said, I don't remember it happening. I know how the world views molestation, like it's something that NOONE talks about, and they're so afraid to even touch with a ten foot pole. But the thing about molestation is, if you DON'T talk about it, all it does is fester and grow into greater problems within the person who was abused, and it torments them for the rest of their life. Just look at Michael Jackson, how do we know that he wasn't molested when he was a kid by his own father? How do we know what really went on in that house in Indiana when he was being raised in that Jehovah's witness garbage by his so-called "loving" father, while his mother just let everything happen, because that's how Jehovah's witnesses believe? How do we really know anything about Michael Jackson PERIOD? We don't know, and the only one who truly knows what happened is Michael and his sick ass father, Joe. Personally, I don't trust Joe Jackson at all, I think the man is nothing more than a perverted old man who I wouldn't let ANYWHERE NEAR my family. But that's what I'm talking about, NOONE in that family talks about the possibility that Michael was molested by his father, as well as all the other kids in that family, all they want to talk about is how Michael and his brothers were beaten when they were kids, which I wouldn't doubt that they were, BUT there had to be more going on than just that. The only One who really DOES know what happened is God, and Joe will have to give an account to God for the things he did to his children, Michael Jackson included, and God is not gonna be pleased, because He doesn't like it when children are messed with like that, He doesn't like to see a child's innocence taken from them like that. That tends to piss God off big time. Do you blame Him for feeling that way about it? How does it make YOU feel to know that this stuff does happen to kids ALL THE TIME, and NOONE seems to really care, or should I say, they don't seem to make a big deal about it? Now, imagine being a four year old kid, just living your young life, having fun just being a kid. Now imagine some sick, perverted person doing something to you that is completely wrong and perverted, and you cry out for help, but NOONE is there to help you. Can you see now why I don't remember this happening to me? I SERIOUSLY am not lying about this, and I DON'T CARE WHO BELIEVES ME OR DOESN'T BELIEVE ME. This HAS to be said, because if it's not said, then all that will happen is it will stay in my mind, and I will inevitably dwell upon it, and I really have no time to dwell upon this, God wants to deliver me from this, and I have NO problems with letting Him. Unless you know that deep pain of screaming as loud as you can, and NOONE hearing you, or even caring, then you have NO idea what the hell I'm talking about. If ANYONE wants to post a comment to this message, then it better be one that is mature and not one that is stupid and childish. This is not a game, nor is it a laughing matter.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Quran Vs. The Word Of God

I have a majorly serious question to ask any person who can give me a straight, unabashed, and honest answer: WHO DECIDED THAT THE QURAN WAS A "HOLY" BOOK? Who said one day, "You know, everyone should believe in what these groups of Islamic people have written in this book", and then everyone just followed suit, and accepted blindly this "holy" book. Let me break this down for ya'll, cause ya'll know how I do, I keep it simple and to the point, basing EVERYTHING I say upon the REAL holy book, the Word Of God. God said so Himself in His Word that EVERYTHING that was created was created by and through His Word, and there was NOTHING that was created that was not created by and through His Word, period, end of statement. So this so-called "holy" quran is a load of horse hockey so big that it could cover the whole country from whence it came, that being the middle east, which is chock-full of Christian-hating-Jesus-bashing-don't-know-what-the-hell-their-problem-is potential terrorists. Am I misjudging the people who live in the middle east? No, I am not, because while not everyone who lives in the middle east is a potential terrorist, let's face it, alot of them DO support terrorism on some scale, and the ones that do not don't say a damn word about it, because they don't want to be dragged into the streets where they live and shot for not agreeing with their islamic government, and for what their islamic government stands for. And yes, Christians by and large are HATED and DESPISED on that part of the world. I have been over to that part of the world, and I have seen the utter contempt that the natives in that land have for Americans, especially Christian Americans. We are infidels to them, who are not fit to live, and we must all die, as it says CLEARLY in the quran, which is SUPPOSED to be a "holy" book. Let me ask another query, if I may, and I MAY, HOW WILL THIS "HOLY" QURAN POSSIBLY STAND UP TO THE WORD OF GOD, WHEN IT MAKES NO MENTION OF GOD BEING GOD ALMIGHTY, NOR DOES IT MAKE ANY MENTION OF JESUS BEING THE SAVIOUR? I know that's a long question, but it MUST be asked, because all that islam does is place Jesus in a lower position than He was EVER meant to be placed in. According to islamic people, they see Jesus as just another prophet of God, and not THE SON OF GOD. Do we see where the big, huge, hairy problem lies within this islamic junk? When Jesus is placed in a lower position BY MAN other than the position given to Him BY GOD, people's perceptions of Jesus are distorted, and perverted, and they do not see Him for who He really is. This is why islam is false, because they believe in allah, who is NOT GOD AT ALL, and they do all this bowing nonsense at whatever time it is they do it every single day, thinking that they are bowing to allah, and allah will somehow save them, when in fact, allah is satan. Yes, you heard me correctly, allah is satan in disguise. How do I know this? I'm glad you asked. I know this because any time that ANY religion tells a person that they have to bow to ANYONE other than God Almighty, that religion is demonic, period, end of statement. And it doesn't matter how truthful said religions appear to be, the REAL truth and fact of the matter is, THEY ARE NOT TRUE AT ALL, and they never will be, because those religions are not about worshipping God, they are about worshipping some other god, and God IS a jealous God, and He will have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM, as it says in His Word. If you think I'm bullshitting you, open your bible, and read it for a change, instead of letting it collect dust, and you will find out that His Word does indeed say that, along with every other truths that God has given me to post on here, and a WHOLE lot more. And after you get done reading His Word, and asking God what He means by whatever He said in His Word that you will inevitably have questions about, then stack that up against the "holy" quran, and you will see for yourself that there is NO comparison. God's Word wins EVERY SINGLE TIME over ANY other "holy" book, because ONLY His Word is holy. Oh yeah, God did not intend for man to be in bondage to religion either, but that's another post entirely, so I will leave this post as it is now, and let those who want to post a comment, to post a comment, but once again, do so respectfully, and without using any sort of childish rantings and/ or flamewar type of junk, because I will not tolerate it, plain and simple.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Deception: The Number One Killer

Why did I name this post deception: the number one killer? Because that's what deception does, it kills people, every single day. How does it kill people? By making them think that what satan has to offer is somehow better than what God has to offer, and THAT is a HUGE lie. Colossians 2:8 tells us to, "see to it that noone takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends upon human tradition and on the basic principles of this world, rather than on Christ." What hollow and deceptive philosophies could that scripture be referring to? ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that this world can and will tell you that truth is, especially when they say that it's somehow more true than God's Word, which is a big, fat, total LIE, because NOTHING is higher and more true than God's Word. Take evolution, for example, HOW do scientists know that we evolved from monkies? Where is their so-called proof? If they're gonna talk all this crap about evolution being true and right, then I want to see EVIDENCE of these claims. Obviously, that whole evolutionistic crap is just that, CRAP, and it's not true at all, because we were made in God's image, we did NOT evolve from a freakin' monkey. If that were true, which it's not, then how come monkeys are not still "evolving" into people? Did something go wrong within their monkey genes that made them not able to "evolve"? That's what I'm talking about, there is no PROOF, but God's Word does not NEED to be proven, because He ALREADY proved His Word, when He sent His Son to die for our sins, on that cross so long ago, and then Jesus did EXACTLY what He said He would do, by rising on the third day AFTER His death, and ascended unto His Father in glory. Name ONE gorilla that could have died for ANY person's sins, and then had the power and authority to rise from the dead, especially a gorilla that was sent by God to do that. YOU CANNOT, because God did not send a freakin' monkey, He sent His ONLY begotten Son to do that for us. I don't really care if anyone reads this and disagrees with me about this, all you have to do is look at the SUBSTANTIAL evidence in the Word of God, or the Holy Bible, to the layperson, and you will see what I'm talking about. All you gotta do is ask, and God WILL show you His truths, He said He would. Another scripture, 1Timothy 6:20-21, goes on to say, "Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from Godless chatter, and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have wondered from the faith." What exactly is Godless chatter? ANYTHING that lifts up this world's crap above God's wonderful Word, that's what. It doesn't matter if the chatter sounds like it's "spiritual" or whatever else, if it's not about God's Word, then it's WRONG, and we should not listen to it. So that means that you sitting there at your job in the breakroom listening to all these people talk all their crap about they don't believe God can do this, or they don't believe God can do that, or they believe in Islam or whatever the heck else they could talk about, if it's not edifying to listen to, then DON'T LISTEN TO IT. Turn a deaf ear to that stuff, and start praying to yourself, asking God to either show these people the truth, or get them out of your way, because that is satan trying to hinder you, spiritually, and it is a VERY underhanded and sneaky way for him to do it, but then again, that's how satan is, very sneaky and underhanded. And now we move on in this same scripture to where it talks about turning away from what is falsely called "knowledge", which simply means, ANYTHING and ANY person that the world calls wise, and values as being wise and knowledgeable. What's pathetic to me is, there are actually people who go to church RIGHT NOW that call psychics on the phone when they have problems, and they cannot seem to shake them. What in the world is a psychic gonna tell you? NOTHING, because they are working through what is known as familiar spirits, meaning, in order for them to "look into your future" so to speak, they have to have the same spirits in common WITH you, and THAT is an EXTREMELY dangerous venture, because when a person calls up a psychic on the phone, or goes to visit a psychic, or an astrologer, they are giving their souls over to satan, and not even realizing it. But to the world, these people are so "wise and full of knowledge", and we should all listen to what they have to say. You know what I say to that? BULLCRAP if I'm gonna listen to what some psychic or astrologer or ANY other type of spiritual medium says to me, because number one, that spirit in them wouldn't have the guts to face what is in me, and number two, I wouldn't even step ONE toe into their demonic establishments. Rather, I would command by the blood of Jesus that was shed for me on that cross that their demonic establishments be destroyed, and they come to ruin, because they are exalting witchcraft above God's Word, and THAT is a sin, no matter how you look at it. What is sad is, there have been real Believers that have fallen victim to alot of what this world says is true, and that has caused them to SERIOUSLY fall away from God, some to the point to where they never return to Him, and I KNOW that HAS to break His heart. So that's why I say that deception is the number one killer, because if and when we are deceived, we allow satan to start working in us, without us even knowing how it even started to begin with. That is why we are supposed to guard our hearts and minds with God's Word, DAILY, not every Sunday in church, but DAILY, especially in these last and evil days.

I Know That My Posts Have Been Serious Lately.....

Bear with me, these are things that God gives to me to say, and I HAVE to say them, so that others can read them, and gain a deeper understanding of what God wants them to know. I consider it a major privelege that God would even consider using me to carry these messages forth in the first place, considering that He is God Almighty, and He is the One who uses me to say these things, and He does still give me the free will to choose whether or not I will do it. But, truthfully, to me, there IS no other option than to say these things, so that others can read them and be blessed by them. Don't think that I'm a guy who's serious 24/7, because the only time that I am serious is when I am talking about the stuff that God gives to me to say, because that, to me, is some majorly serious stuff that should not be taken lightly at all. That being said, I LOVE Steve Vai's music, that man is such a freakin' guitar genious that it's RIDICULOUS. He's the main reason why I want to learn how to play guitar, I HAVE to learn how to play, and it's that simple, so if anyone can send me some money to help in the Buy Digital Age 2k5 A Sweet Electric Guitar And Amp Fund, then PLEASE do, because I REALLY want to get a kick ass electric guitar and a good amp. Here's Stevie Wonder with a musical reason why you should send Digital Age 2k5 money TODAY!!! See, I can be layed back and easy-going too, but I am serious about that electric guitar and amp thing, I REALLY do want one, and I am working at a job right now that doesn't pay CRAP for wages, considering the stuff that I am responsible for paying, but I know that all of that is about to change, big time. I won't go into any details about HOW I know, but rest assured, I KNOW it's about to change. I guess that's it for this post, if there's more, I will edit the CRAP out of it, but until then, take it easy, like that cheesy ass 70's song says. After all, if u don't do what a cheesy ass 70's song says you should do, then WHO WILL YOU LISTEN TO?!? :-p

Simulated Reality

I'm sure you have all seen or heard about the Matrix trilogy of movies, and have even pondered what the real meaning behind these movies are, such as who does Neo represent, what is the real role of Morpheus, so on and so forth. Movies such as the Matrix trilogy do bring thoughts up within our minds that SEEM to be revolutionary and different from the normal, mundane thoughts that we have every day, when in reality, these thoughts are always floating around our subconscience minds, we just don't pay any attention to them. Are we all living in a simulated reality, set up to deceive us into believing that this world is what is real? Are we all really being used as sources of energy by some insidious and unseen force? Am I hungry for a bucket of KFC? I will answer all of these questions in their sequential order: 1. Maybe 2. Yes, alot of people are 3. HELL YEAH I wants me some fried chicken! To further expound upon the first question, the "reality" that people live their daily lives in is not reality at all, but deception, because this world IS deceived by satan into thinking that life is about pain, struggle, strife, and striving for that golden ring that they will most likely not EVER get their hands on. And no, this reality wasn't made up by some gigantic "machines" either, it has always been like this for those who live according to this world's ways and systems for as long as adam ALLOWED eve to be deceived by satan into eating the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Yes, I did say adam ALLOWED eve to be deceived, because adam KNEW not to eat of that tree, but eve was deceived, because she didn't know any better. No, this is not an excuse, this is the truth, as it clearly states in the Word of God. So ever since that happened, mankind has been under sin, and this is why worldly, carnal people struggle so much with trying to get things done, even the simplest things, all the time, because they are seperated from God by the sins that control them. And this is what they base their "reality" off of, because this is all they know, until they are set free, and they accept Jesus as their Saviour. Before a person is saved, it is literally like they are living in a totally seperate reality from God's people, like they are on the outside of where God wants them to be, looking in, and wondering how they can ever get to that place where ONLY God can put them. The answer to this is VERY simple, accept Jesus as their personal Saviour, and He will come into their heart and set them free from those sins so that they can begin to live the lives that God ORIGINALLY planned for them to live in the first place. Onward to the second question, which was, are we really being used as sources of energy by some unseen, insidious force? The answer to this question is of course, YES we are, before we allow Jesus to come into our hearts. And this unseen, insidious force in question that is using worldly, carnal people is none other than satan himself, along with his demons. The reason why he is able to pull this off is because carnal people don't see him for who he truly is, and therefore, they fall victim and prey to satan's deceptions, as well as the attacks on them by his demons. What gets me is that carnal people always think that all they have to do is go out, and do some sort of extreme sport, or something along those lines, and they call that "conquering their fear", when fear is an EVIL SPIRIT, and they cannot conquer said evil spirit by climbing a huge rock, or jumping out of a plane, or any of the other myriad of things that people do when they pointlessly try to "conquer their fear" through their own works. It doesn't work that way, satan is not conquered by ANYTHING that we do, because it has NOTHING to do with us to begin with, and until people realize this, they will continue to be used as energy sources for satan's purposes. Maybe this is why so many carnal people always look so tired all the time, and why they can't ever get good sleep at night. This is something that every person seriously needs to consider, and seriously needs to think about, because they are all being used by satan in one way or another, before they accept Jesus as their PERSONAL Saviour, and allow Him to work in their lives, and in their hearts. Simply put, worldly people cannot understand ANYTHING about who Jesus is, and what He's all about, until they yield their hearts and wills unto Him, and allow Him to come into their hearts, and set them free from their sins. And as it states clearly in God's Word, the wages of sin IS death, and those who are living in sin will inherit death, if they choose to continue in their sins, and not turn from them. It is inevitable that this is what will happen, if a person chooses sin over righteousness. BUT if a person chooses to accept Jesus into their heart to be their own PERSONAL Saviour, then they can live their lives free and seperated from sin, and then they will experience what it means to have that righteousness dwelling within their hearts, as well as what it means to have eternal life, which ONLY comes when they abide in Jesus. Well, that closes out this post, and once again, if anyone has any sort of reply or response to what I have typed up here, then please do so in a respectful and mature manner.