Saturday, July 23, 2005

Do Not Go To This World

What does the title of this post mean, you may be asking yourself. Quite simply this, if you are a real and true Believer in Jesus, and He is your Saviour, and you call God your Father, and the Holy Spirit is your Comforter and your Teacher, then you have NO business going to this world for ANY type of advice, answers, etc. Why? Because this world doesn't know ANYTHING about anything, that's why. They always want us to believe and think that they do, of course, but the real truth is, they are in darkness, and they are lost in their sins. "Then who do I go to for answers to the tough questions concerning my life, when all these churches are so worldly?" That is a VERY good question, but a question that can be simply answered with this response: GO TO GOD WITH YOUR PETITIONS (OR QUESTIONS). It really is that simple, because God is ALWAYS there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What will happen if a person chooses to not go to God with their tough questions, but rather instead chooses to go to a psychic or engages some other demonic medium? They will be allowing ALL kinds of calamity and trouble into their lives, because they consulted FIRST with satan, instead of consulting with the ONE TRUE GOD, and therefore, they put satan before God by doing so. And it does say in God's Word that God will have NO OTHER gods before Him, and also that God IS a jealous God, and He does always want to be God in our lives, above everything else. Why is it that these churches are so worldly and carnal? Because they promote their own religious laws and statutes above what God's Word has to say about EVERYTHING pertaining to life, and by doing so, they fall victim to going to their own ways to try to answer spiritual things, when God is the ONLY One who knows the REAL answers to their spiritual questions. So you see, all these churches are in a very big sense just as guilty for going to this world for their answers concerning the ways and statutes of God, and all they end up doing as a result of practicing their religious laws and statutes is, they either push people away from God, or they end up lying to all who choose to believe in their religious laws and statutes, and those people fall further and further and further into deception and darkness. Of course, they are not beyond God's grasp, but how can they even KNOW that God wants to pull them out of that religious mess, if they don't even SEE OR PERCEIVE it as a mess to begin with, and if they don't even SEE OR PERCEIVE God to be who He truly is? This is the vicious circular cycle of religion, and this goes for ALL religions, not just one or the other. As the title of this post states, DO NOT GO TO THIS WORLD for the answers to the questions that ONLY God can answer for you, because all it will do is lead you further and further into deception and darkness. I encourage people to post their own questions concerning this post, if they really, honestly, and truthfully do have real and pertinent questions concerning what this post is about. As always, NO childish questions or comments will be replied to, but will be promptly removed.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pornography: "Innocent" Fun?

Recently, upon perusing , I read that good ol' Rob Thomas, who is/was the lead singer for a band called Matchbox 20, STRONGLY supports pornography. What follows are his words exactly about how he truly feels about pornography, as well as his wife's stance on it: MATCHBOX TWENTY frontman ROB THOMAS is singing the praises of his latest pastime - browsing internet porn sites. The rocker admits that he and his wife MARISOL have become huge fans of web-based pornography, and Thomas is realising that his new hobby holds the potential of saving him bundles of cash. He tells Blender magazine, "My entire life now is internet porn. It's nice and easy - hopefully, I'll never have to buy another porn magazine again. And my wife's one of my best porn partners. When you've got a woman that has a degree, loves JAMES BOND movies and will watch a porno with you, that's a keeper."

Here's what is really scary and sad, he said that his ENTIRE life now is internet porn. Tell me there's not something wrong with that statement alone, and I'll slap the taste out of your mouth. WHY? Because it's sinfull and wrong, and it's also detrimental to EVERY sort of real relationship that a person can have with ANY other person, whether it be their family, friends, or spouse. And here he is, good ol' Rob Thomas, who is looked upon and admired by MANY a young person because of his contributions to the music world, coming out a strong proponent of internet pornography. Alot of people will say, "But there's nothing wrong with it, it's just innocent fun. It's not like someone is watching you do it." To which I would reply, "BULLSHIT, because God IS watching you engage in it, He is watching you pervert your body by engaging in masturbation as you watch pornography, and by doing so, you are becoming one with that sinfull trash." Whether good ol' Rob Thomas knows it or not, that pornographic trash IS taking its toll on his life. It may not be appearing to do that as of yet, but trust me when I say this, it WILL end up costing him ALOT more than he EVER thought it would. I would not be surprised AT ALL if it ends up taking all of his financial wealth, as well as every other thing that means anything to him. He said that his wife is one of his best porn partners, huh? And not only that, but she has a "degree", whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, and she loves James Bond movies, and on top of that, she will watch a porno with him. Sounds like a real winner to me. Sorry, Rob, but that's not gonna cut it with God. NONE of those things matter to Him at all, plain and simple. In REALITY, what matters to God is, the real and true motivations of your heart, Rob, as well as your wife's heart. I hate to say this, Rob, but it HAS to be said. One day, your wife will realize that this stuff is wrong, and it is hurting her more than she would EVER want to be hurt, and she will end up leaving you, if you still choose to support pornography. I KNOW that pornographic trash does and has already cost sooo many people waaaay more than they EVER bargained for. Think about this, what about the future generations of children that will not be born, because soooo many men choose to engage in a fantasy lifestyle, which is what pornography really is, and they end up wasting not only their money on it, but their sperm as well, not to be disgusting, but it's the truth. Think about that one, Rob Thomas. Now, think about how many young people look up to and admire you, and really do like your music, and how many of them will read this editorial about your lascivious and lustful passions, and won't want to listen to your music anymore after reading this. Or, what about the parents who read this editorial, and find out exactly what your stance on internet pornography is, and they find out that their kids like your music, and they end up talking to their kids about your addiction, and what your addiction can and will bring into your life. Do you HONESTLY think that any parent, in their RIGHT MINDS, would allow their kids to still listen to your music, even though you are a strong proponent of internet pornography? I don't know if you will EVER read this, Rob Thomas, but if you do, I really hope that you will take these things to heart, and STRONGLY consider changing your attitude and appetite towards internet pornography, because it WILL wreck your life if you do allow it to. And, NO, your wife is not a "keeper", as you call her, she is just as misguided and lost as you are, Rob, because she is just as much in the wrong as you are, Rob, in being in agreement with you about this trash. I don't care what her "degree" is, or where she went to college, or anything else that even remotely concerns her or her educational background. SIN IS SIN, plain and simple. God does not see this as an "OK" sin, because there is NO SUCH THING AS AN "OK" SIN. Yes, God does know that it is in our natures to sin, but He also knows that we CAN live free and seperated from sin, when we choose to accept His Son Jesus Christ into our hearts to be our Lord and Saviour. Am I talking religion, or anything religious? NO, I AM NOT. I am simply stating the REAL truth about how things are, and the course that your life will take, Rob, as well as your wife's and future children's lives, if you do not get out from under this mess. ONLY Jesus can set us free from sin, Rob, we cannot control any sin at all, no matter how hard we try. That is not in our power to do, and it never will be. Ask yourself this question, Rob, is internet pornography really worth your whole life? Is any of that trash really worth the life of the woman you love? Or the lives of your yet to be born children? Is it really worth that to you? ASK YOURSELF. Better yet, ask God. He WILL answer you, if you ask Him, and He can show you how to be free, but it STILL will have to be YOUR choice as to whether or not you want to be free from this pornographic garbage. I know of where I speak concerning this, too, because I have had some SERIOUS bouts with an addiction to pornography, and that sin has tried its hardest to tear me away from my family, as well as from any real person that has ever come into my life. BUT I CHOSE TO FALL BEFORE GOD, AND SEEK HIS FORGIVENESS FOR THIS SIN, and I know that He is working this stuff out of me, day by day. Some days are tougher than others, of course, BUT God is not giving up on me, and I'm not giving up on Him either. That pornographic trash is NOT worth my life, Rob, nor the lives of those whom I do love, nor the lives of my unborn children that God does want to bring into this world.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some More New Coloring Jobs

I know that this next batch of colored pictures may be abit more kid oriented, but I can't help it, I'm still a kid at heart, and I do still like Disney animated movies, as well as those cute Precious Moments works of art. YES, I am still a man, so liking these things does not make me any less of a man. Just had to say that, in case anyone was wondering, because I like to cover all bases, if you know what I mean. ANYHOO, enjoy the pics......:-)

And of course, what coloring job would be complete without having one of the Lion King in it? Though I haven't seen this movie yet, I love the artwork in it.

Personally, I love Precious Moments, I think they're some of the cutest things ever created, and YES, I am still a man.

I colored this pic as a tribute to the deaths of the two men who did the voices of Pooh and Piglet....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Stuff I Recently Watched

As you have already guessed, this post is about things that I have recently viewed, as well as things that I am currently viewing. What follows are my thoughts regarding these things.

Samurai Champloo - A COMPLETELY marvelous anime, in all aspects. This anime, much like Trigun, has it all. There's funny moments, not so funny moments, as well as "what the hell" moments that will make any anime' fan laugh their butt off. The ending episode was kind of sad, but that's usually how really good anime's are when they end, and this one is no exception. I HIGHLY recommend this anime' to any person who desires to watch a damn good anime' series. I give it 5 out of 5 ninja stars.

RahXephon - A MARVELOUS, yet confusing, anime. This is one of those anime series that if you don't watch it from the beginning, you will have NO CLUE what it's about, because the storyline in this anime is so involved and always changing that you HAVE to see it from the very beginning to understand what it's about. I won't say anything about the very last episode, other than when you get done watching it, you will inevitably utter the phrase, "WHAT THE HELL?!?" because it is such a twist of an ending that there was NO way I saw it coming, nor will you. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Chobits - A HILARIOUS and heartfelt anime that was produced by Clamp. This anime is completely awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the storyline, how the storyline changes, as well as the overall dialogue, and the way the main character reacts when confronted with things of a sexual nature. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite anime's. Good job, Clamp, keep more anime like this coming. I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Shogun Assassin - A bit of an old movie, but still, after viewing it again after seeing it about a year ago, I have to say that it's an extremely well-made movie, considering the time that it was made in. It is completely obvious how anime production studios could use this movie as a template for any type of anime based on samurai, and the life if a samurai. The only MAJOR gripe I have about this movie is how the blood looks, when the main character cuts through his enemies. I'm not talking about how the blood spurts out so much as I'm talking about the COLOR of it. It looks like they used diluted tomato paste in the scenes that show blood spurting forth from the main character's victims. But then again, this is an old movie, and this was obviously made well before there was any type of digital technology. Other than the cheesy looking blood, I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

ScrYed - I saw this anime about a year ago, and I recently downloaded the whole series again in dual audio OGM format, simply because I LOVE this anime, and the American voice acting, surprisingly, isn't all that bad. I thought it would be, but they did a fairly good job on it. This is, again, one of those anime's that you really have to watch from the beginning, to fully understand what it's about, otherwise, you won't get it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Trigun - THIS is anime at its best. This anime has EVERYTHING, funny moments, EXTREMELY funny facial expressions, especially when Vash is acting a fool to get out of a harmful situation, which he ALWAYS finds himself in, somehow, as well as a MAJOR plotline that once again, you would HAVE to watch this from the beginning to fully understand. Halfway through this anime, the storyline COMPLETELY changes course, and we see Vash and his brother when they were kids, and we find out all sorts of things about what happened to cause the division between them that eventually happened. Even this, though, is necessary to understanding why Vash has to eventually fight his brother, and who Vash the Stampede really is. If you have not seen this in the original Japanese with english subtitles, I HIGHLY recommend seeing it in that format, because to me, that's the BEST way to view anime of this quality. I give this anime 5 out of 5 stars.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Occasionally, I do watch real movies, and this movie in particular is one that I HAD to buy on DVD, simply because when I saw what this movie was about, I HAD to have it. I know alot of people will say that they don't like this, or they don't like that, about this movie, but SERIOUSLY, this is one hell of a good movie. So what if Angelina Jolie isn't in every freaking scene in this movie? This movie is not about her, it's about Sky Captain saving the world with the help of his trusty and hot female reporter friend/ girlfriend/ rival/ whatever the heck she is supposed to be. I simply LOVED the parts of this movie that showed the huge, floating aircraft carriers, those to me were some of the most ingenious things that I've seen in a live-action movie in a LONG time, as were the huge robots that were stomping through the city. THIS is what a movie should be, in my opinion. It's fun to watch, and it has a good storyline to boot. There's not too many movies out there that can say that nowadays, that's for sure. This movie reminded me ALOT of the Rocketeer, which is also one of my all-time favorite movies. If you have yet to see this movie, I HIGHLY recommend seeing it, as well as buying the DVD, because the DVD has all sorts of really cool extras on it. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

That's about it for this post, if I view anything else in the near future, then I will add to this post, otherwise, I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball -----O >_< - OUCH that hurt!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Pimp My Ride UK Edition

Well, what can I say about this show, other than it is an obvious copy of the American version, which I won't say is superior to the UK version, but at least XZibit, the host of Pimp My Ride here in America, IS A BLACK MAN, and isn't like the dumbass white man who is TRYING to be black, and is in his 40's. The ONLY thing that would make Pimp My Ride UK better is if they can Tim Westwood as the host, and get someone who either IS actually black, or someone who knows who the hell they are, and isn't putting up some sort of bullshit front, just because they are trying to score ratings or whatever the hell good old Tim is trying to do. SERIOUSLY, he is in his freaking 40's, this is not a teenage kid, this is a GROWN ASS MAN acting like a total dumbass. Tell me that's the not most ridiculously stupid thing that you've EVER heard of? As I said, I like the UK version, all the stuff that I've seen them do to the British line of cars so far has been spectacular and original, BUT PLEASE GET RID OF TIM WESTWOOD AS THE HOST. If XZibit saw him in real life, he would probably do one of two things: laugh his ass off at Tim for acting like a damn fool, and not even realizing that he's acting like a damn fool, or punch him the HELL out for being that freaking stupid as to try to pass off his OBVIOUS British heritage as some sort of "British Hip-Hop Gangsta". GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK, TIM, you're not from the mean streets of Oakland, Compton, Queens, Brooklyn, or ANY other major city, YOU'RE FROM ENGLAND. How gangsta are you, Tim? Do you wash your morning crumpets down with a 40oz. bottle of Olde English, then take your British bulldog out for a walk, all the while, mackin' on all the British ladies, who think you're nothing but a HUGE dumbass? Do you see how stupid and pointless all of this really is, Tim? Do you NOT understand that you're NOT from the mean streets of ANYWHERE, you're from freaking England, home of the Big Ben clock? At least Ali G is making fun of the whole hip-hop genre and scene, you're taking it WAAAAY too seriously, and it's coming off as purely stupid and pointless. Anyone have any thoughts on this British gent, please post away, I would LOVE to hear what other people think of this guy, what all of your opinions of him are. I don't mean to trash the guy, I'm just tellin' it like it T-I-IS. Just watch ONE episode of Pimp My Ride UK and you will see EXACTLY what I'm talking about. ONE episode will show you who this guy is, in all his supposed "glory".