Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sega Dreamcast = Ownzer

Why, you may be asking yourself, is this person talking about Sega Dreamcast, when his previous posts have been so intense and pointed? Quite simply because the Sega Dreamcast is the PERFECT gaming system, period. What is it that makes this particular gaming system superior to all the latest gaming systems out there? There are many factors that make it superior. For one thing, the overall cost of a NEW Dreamcast with one controller, all the hookup cables and a memory card is literally less than 3/4 from the price of a NEW PS2. For another thing, the graphics capabilities, sound capabilities, and so on are just as good as a PS2, if not better in some ways. If you want to see what I mean, just pop in either one of the Sonic games, Soul Calibur, or Jet Grind Radio, and you will be AMAZED at what this system can do. And for yet another thing, the games themselves are EXTREMELY easy to come by. I won't divulge any sort of information about WHERE one can find games for this system, but I'll just say this: This system has NO copy protection on it at all, meaning, you can literally download and burn the games for Dreamcast and play them right away, without the need of having the system "modded" in order to do so. And there's plenty of really awesome games for the Dreamcast as well, albeit most of them are fighting games, but there's also a few action oriented games that are awesome and fun to play. The real shame is the fact that Sega pulled the plug on this system, just because they thought that they couldn't have kept up with Microsoft, when they released the X-Box. Jeez, Sega, that was a WEAK thing to do, seriously.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Running In Place

This is a poem for men who are struggling with their own private and silent problems, and they don't know where or who to turn to. I know what it's like to struggle within my own self, thinking that noone else hears me cry out. The real answer is that God always hears EVERY man's silent screams, He knows the hearts of EVERY man, and He knows how to free every man, so that they can live free, and be able to fully express themselves as the men that He created them to be. I pray that those who read this poem will think upon the words of this poem, and take stock of their own past mistakes and victories, triumphs and failures, and to remember that God is the One that brought them through each and every one of those things, no matter what the outcomes were for each and every one. To all the women who read this, I pray that this will help you to understand why the man/men in your lives are struggling at times with themselves, and that they can be free, in Jesus' name, and by His Blood. Amen.

Where are you going,
running to and fro?
What is the purpose,
searching high and low?
Why do you always seek,
but never seem to find?
What times do you cry,
looking for your peace of mind?

Running in place,
Swear you're in a race,
Running in place,
Stress and strain on your face.

What purpose do you have,
living your life for self?
What reason is there to live,
putting your dreams on the shelf?
How can you find the answers,
when you don't know where to look?
Who will hear your silent screams,
when your soul feels shook?

Running in place,
Trying to keep pace,
Running in place,
Not even sure of your place.

Everyone seems to be faster,
not sure if you will last.
Seems like life is passing you by,
stuck living in your past.
Why do that to yourself,
when God has so much more?
How will you know,
if you don't open the door?

Running in place,
Getting nowhere fast,
Running in place,
Don't want to be last.

This is mean to challenge,
to show you a way out.
There's no time for fussing,
no time left to pout.
Either Jesus is your Lord,
or He's just a game.
Either there's power in Him,
or there's nothing to His Name.

Make up your own mind,
starting right now.
State your own case,
don't worry about how.
Bring your own pain,
let Jesus take it away.
Cry to Him with a loud voice,
fall on your knees and pray.

Everyone's counting on you,
alot is on your back.
Just put it all on Jesus,
He'll help take up the slack.
In Him there is great peace,
In Him there is great joy.
In Him you can find rest,
and give to Him that little boy.

Monday, August 08, 2005

"Mighty" Mouse?

So Apple FINALLY made the leap to a TWO BUTTON MOUSE!!!! WHOOPTY FREAKIN' DOO. I've been using two button mice ever since I've been using computers, so what the hell is the big fat hairy deal about Apple finally realizing that their one button design was stupid and pointless? Take a read at THIS bullcrap, and tell me that Apple still isn't trying to make people think that they are inferior beings if they don't use Apple computer products:

Mighty Mouse earns its stripes with Mac OS X Tiger. But it performs on other platforms, too.
Built to be the ideal desktop companion for Mac OS X Tiger, Mighty Mouse plays best with the big cat. Of course, if you use a Mac but haven’t made the leap to Tiger, Mighty Mouse works with any version of Mac OS X, but requires Tiger to
customize your settings. Upgrade to Tiger today and discover how it makes the most of Mighty Mouse.

Because everyone deserves a chance to experience the most elegant mouse on the planet, Mighty Mouse is also compatible with PCs. Mighty Mouse uses the standard, multibutton mouse driver included in the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems and plugs into any USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port.

OF COURSE IT'S GONNA PERFORM ON OTHER PLATFORMS. It's a freaking computer mouse, that's how these things go. Sure, maybe when Apple was the ONLY computing platform out, the mice used on those systems wouldn't work on PC's today, but then again, who in the hell would want to USE those old ass mice on their state-of-the-art home PC's? This whole thing reminds me of that part of Pirates Of Silicon Valley where Steve Jobs tells Bill Gates, "we're better than you", and Bill Gates comes back by saying, "that doesn't matter". SERIOUSLY, grow up, Apple computers, and realize that you're no longer the top dogs on campus that you may have been. Just because you FINALLY came out with a two button mouse that may LOOK all nice and sleek, that doesn't mean that it was YOUR idea to do so in the first place, because it wasn't. As a matter of fact, I'm using a mouse RIGHT NOW that has all of the features that your "mighty mouse" has, with the one exception of the scrolly ball thing, but I think I'll live. If I feel the need to chunk down 50 bucks for an overly priced mouse, then MAYBE I'll do it, and that is a big, fat, hairy MAYBE. Oh yeah, one more thing, Apple, if you're running Intel processors in your holy grail of computers, then what really makes YOUR computers different from PC's, when that's what PC's have had in them for YEARS? I'll tell you what makes them so different, the PRICE, that's really about it. Face it, Apple, all your computers are, are glorified paperweights, because once you come out with a newer system, that's all that the older systems are really good for. All hail the "mighty mouse".........:-p

Monday, August 01, 2005

Here's a new pic of me, I like this one better than the first one I posted on here awhile back....

here's my kitty, her eyes full of light....