Friday, September 30, 2005

AWWW, No More Pimp My Ride UK?

Upon perusal of a few torrent sites, I haven't seen any new episodes of Pimp My Ride UK. What happened, did Tim Westwood get a cap busted in his British ass, and now he's at tha crossroads, as Bone, Thugs, And Harmony would say, or did someone FINALLY figure out that he's a huge dumb ass? For the record, I did like Pimp My Ride UK alot. I liked what they did with the cars, and their level of "pimping" was indeed off tha chain. Anywho, no more Tim Westwood. Thank God.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Trendy Filesharing

You know, fellow netizens, I remember a time when Kazaa didn't have spyware attached to it, when you could literally find ANYTHING there, no matter WHAT you were looking for, and it was a great and glorious time. Of course, such times are not meant to last. Why? Well, I give you exhibit A: The RIAA. A merry band of stuffed shirts who think that they know everything concerning what can, and cannot, be legally shared and traded amongst us, fellow netizens. What they fail big time to realize is this: THEY CANNOT CONTROL THE INTERNET. They can't say who can do what and how often they can do it, simply because that would be no different than them trying to control what every single person does online, and that's not even possible. Why is it not possible? Because the internet is a vast and always expanding universe of information and knowledge, and there's NO WAY that the RIAA can control all the information and knowledge that there is on the internet. I don't care what the RIAA may try to make people think and believe. They cannot control what every single person in this world does on the internet. They're just a small group of people who are trying their damndest to make everyone afraid to do anything online, for fear that if they do something online that the RIAA deems "illegal", then they could lose all they have, or wind up in jail for it. This is not to provoke anyone at the RIAA if they happen to come across this post and decide to read it. I am merely stating the truth about what the RIAA is all about. The very nature of this society nowadays has NOTHING to do with baseball and apple pie, because those things have long passed on. Rather, the nature of this society is driven more by information and how available that information is to whoever wants it. Truthfully, information is supposed to be free to every single living breathing person on the face of this whole earth. Why? Because every single person has the right to knowing whatever it is that they want to know, no matter what it is. If you don't want every person knowing all about what you did in your past, for example, then don't put it out there for them to know. It's that simple. We truly are living in the age of information, considering that almost every single person in America has a computer in their household, and that means that they all have just as much access to all the information that is on the internet at any given time, day or night, rain or shine. But let me get back onto the topic of this post, because I am trailing BIG TIME. What does all of this have to do with filesharing and the RIAA's attempts at stopping it? Quite simply that the RIAA are nothing but control freaks who want to control the information that we, the free people of America, have every right to attain and acquire. Does that mean that I condone stealing? No it does not mean that. What I'm saying is, how is filesharing any different than when people used to make recordings of music, movies, tv shows, etc. onto analog tapes and would give them to their friends? Chances are, if the person who was given those recordings liked those recordings enough, then they would go out and buy the vinyl album of whatever musical artist was on that recorded analog tape. The very same thing can be said for today as well, although with the proliferation of CD and DVD burners that are on every single computer nowadays, the incentive to actually go out and buy a CD or a DVD is extremely waning. And this, fellow netizens, is where the RIAA comes into play. In all their "wisdom" they have decided that they know what every single person should be doing with their hard-earned money, and that is buying the latest CD/DVD of whatever popular recording artist/movie that happens to be out, instead of first downloading the tracks from the recording artist's CD or downloading the movie to see if they are even worth buying to begin with. What gets me is, the RIAA expects for the people of this country to just follow along like stupid lab mice who don't have any sense of anything, like we are all supposed to just fall into line like robots. Are we robots, fellow netizens, or are we people to whom God gave brains and free wills to? Why did I call this post Trendy Filesharing? Because that's what filesharing is, that's what it has become. No longer is it something that only a select few people know about and discuss. It's everywhere, and because of that truth and fact, the RIAA has started their tirade that much more to try and crack down on all the different BitTorrent/ FastTrack/ Gnutella filesharing services that are out there in order to "shut down" filesharing amongst us. But truthfully and honestly, how are they going to be able to do that, considering that for one that they are actually able to shut down, ten more always pop up in their place? Don't they see this pattern always happening and taking place, the more and more and more that they try to shut down file-sharing servers? There is an exhibit B to this story, and that exhibit B is the MPAA, who are pretty much EXACTLY like the RIAA, except they go after people who download movies instead of music "illegally". Who is to say what is and is not legal anymore anyway? So it's illegal to download the latest movie/ music/ game/ whatever else, but it's not illegal for the RIAA/ MPAA to attack people who didn't know any better, or were ignorant of what their kids were doing on the family computer? This sounds EXACTLY like some sort of weird ass Spanish Inquisition type of stuff, where the RIAA/ MPAA barges into some unsuspecting person's house, and DEMANDS that they pay for what they downloaded "illegally", or else. But I digress. Such things as the RIAA and MPAA barging into a person's home can be TOTALLY sidestepped, as long as the person who has such things on their computer that is deemed "illegal" were to be kept from the snooping noses of said organizations. I'm not going to go into any great detail about how to go about doing this, because that's MY business, not everyone elses', if you get my drift, but I'll just say this: It's all just alot of common sense stuff that requires one to actually THINK before they go and share everything on their computer with everyone on the internet. Of course if you go and do something that stupid, you WILL attract unwanted visitors. DUH. So, I think I'm gonna go and download the latest song from Brittina Spearsguilara off of I-Tunes, the latest trendy file-sharing software protocol of our times, and I'm gonna put it on my I-Pod Nano, then I'm gonna go to Starbuck's and have a mocha latte with extra whipped cream. <------CAUTION: EXTREME SARCASM. HANDLE WITH CARE.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Where's His Power?

For far too long, there's been churches all over the place that say that they are doing the Lord's work. They all say "God bless you, brother", "God bless you, sister", and so on and so forth, but yet, something's missing. Where's His power in these churches? How come all of these religious churches don't have ANY of God's power upon them? Could it be because God does not have to anoint and bless that which He did not ordain, just as it says in His Word? How many churches are all over this country? How many churches are all over the suburbs, urban areas, rural areas, so on and so forth, that dot this nation? How many of these same churches ALL think that they're doing what God told them to do? Alot of questions, I know, but these questions need to be asked, because if they were ALL doing the Lord's work like they claim to be doing, then WHY ARE THEY NOT MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE WHO ATTEND THESE CHURCHES, AS WELL AS THE COMMUNITIES THAT THEY INHABIT? Why do they have their own stupid set of laws and statutes that were set by people that state that they do things this way, and this is the ONLY way that they do things, because this is how God said that He wanted them to do it, then there's another church down the block that says they do things that way for the same reason? Is God a man that He should lie? NO HE IS NOT. So that means that God did not state that ANY church should only believe in certain parts of His Word, and not His full Word. Churches all have their own sets of laws and statutes because they all want God their own way. They all want Him to conform to who and what they say and think that He is. They are all practicing what some other person before them said that they should practice, not what God's Word actually says, because if they were, then there would be fruitful evidence that they were, for it is written in God's Word that we will know them by their fruits. A good tree only bears good fruit, and a bad tree only bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. In God's Word, trees are symbolic of man. So that means that the works that a real and true Believer of Jesus does for the glory of God will not bear bad fruits, because they are doing it for His glory, and not their own, and a carnal, worldly person cannot bear those good fruits, because they do what they do not for the glory of God, but for their own base, selfish gains, not even considering God at all, and not giving Him any glory and credit. The problem is, too many churches are worldly, and the world around people is too churchy. There's a MAJOR imbalance going on here, and ONLY God can bring the balance that we so desperately need. One big, majorly important thing that we all can do is to pray, asking God to forgive us of ANY sins that we have committed, either knowingly, or unknowingly, because it is sin that seperates man from God. Until people really realize that this is the truth, then they will continue on in their own deceptions and foolishness, simply because it's all they know to do. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that there's not any good churches in this country that are full of God's power and presence, because there are, but there's not too many of them, and that is the real problem, along with all of these false religions in this country because we are so accepting of other cultures, and their wrong spiritual beliefs in this country, and we don't ever stop to think for a second that we are accepting their false beliefs by welcoming them into this country. Am I racist? No, I am not. I am simply a man who sees what is going on around me, through the Holy Spirit, and He has shown me that this is why this country is going to crap, along with a boatload of other things that people have turned their faces aside to and accepted. Once again, any and all responses BETTER be mature and respectful. Otherwise, keep them to yourself.

Friday, September 23, 2005

About Tragic Events

This post is gonna be REALLY serious, because it deals directly with what alot of people don't want to face, and that is the fact that there has been for soooooo many generations sins that have gone unrepented of, and unforgiven that have been committed by past generations of people for years and years and years, and all of these sins have been compounded, one upon the other. This would explain why tragic events have been unfolding more and more and more and more over just the past five years. Think about it, how many people in this world have relatives that have committed some sort of sin that they have chosen to cover up, rather than reveal and let out into the open, and be forgiven of? And how many people have chosen to not forgive someone who has wronged them in whatever way? Don't you realize that these bad decisions of choosing to not reveal sins, and choosing to not forgive will yield their own consequences in their own time, and that those consequences WILL be bad ones? Why is this, you may be asking yourself. I'll tell you why this is. It is because the wages of sin IS death. When sin is fully grown, it brings forth death. THAT is why these things are increasing in this world. THAT is why there has been more and more and more evidences of hurricanes, demonic activity, sicknesses, diseases, sexual perversions, and every other kind of wrongful thing that has, and has yet, to happen. If people think that the worst has already come, they have NO IDEA what has yet to come. This is not meant to make any person fearful and afraid to live their lives, but rather it is meant to stimulate and encourage those who read this post to change their thinking about why tragic things happen in this world.

I know that alot of people will say, "How can God allow these things to happen? Doesn't He love us?" Of course He loves all of His creations, whom He made in His image, BUT we also have to CHOOSE to love Him, and to put Him first in our lives, and in our hearts in all areas of our lives, period. God did give each and every one of us free will. He did choose to allow us to be born into sin, not even knowing who He really is and what He really is all about. He did choose to give us that free will, simply because He didn't want for us to be unwilling servants. He wanted for us to be willing to serve Him, for us to be willing to choose Him above everything else in our lives. So before you go blaming God for these tragic events that has taken place in this world, which satan is the god of, think before you speak, because you may be speaking your way into a pit, simply because you are speaking ignorantly about God, who IS eternally gracious, loving, kind, and from Whom ALL blessings flow. It is not God's fault that man is prideful, and chooses darkness and sin over light and righteousness, and that man would choose ignorance and stupidity over knowledge and wisdom. But He is exactly who man always blames when things go wrong, never once thinking about satan, and the fact and truth that satan has a will as well. What is satan's will? To steal, kill, and destroy. It's that simple. And God's will is EXACTLY the opposite of that. God being a just and loving God that He is, why would He want for us to go through all kinds of hellish things? When are people going to wake up and realize that they are the ones who put themselves through all kinds of hellish things, and it is because of their own bad choices and decisions that those things have happened to them?

If anyone wants to comment on this post, then first think about what I have already typed about what has happened, and why it has happened, because it is the truth. I know it's the truth because God has shown it to me to be the truth. Not because I'm wise or all-knowing, because I'm not by any means. I'm just a man like any other man, with the very same desires and sinful ways as every other man. The MAIN difference, though, is that I KNOW that I'm under God's grace, and I can live free and seperated from sin by the Blood of Jesus. THAT is what seperates me from this world. THAT is how I am able to live free from sin. Not by my own ways or means, and not because I'm a good person, because there's NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD PERSON. We are ALL wicked and evil in one way or another. It's just a matter of realizing that we are evil and wicked, and that we need Jesus to be our Saviour and our Lord, so that we can live free from that evilness and wickedness. So again, IT IS OUR CHOICE to do this, just like EVERYTHING in life is.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When Too Much Is Too Much

Well, here I am yet again with an observational post of sorts, this time about all the pointless gadgets that are seemingly cool, yet completely pointless. Don't misconstrue what I'm about to say to mean that I don't like technology, because I DO like technology alot, and I do see technology as having a HUGE influence and impact in today's society. That being said, I will continue with what this post is about. For starters, I like watching movies, as does about 99.9999999% of the whole wide world, but what I don't get or understand is, WHY DOES EVERY FREAKING THING THAT COMES OUT NOWADAYS HAVE TO PLAY MOVIES? For instance, the PSP. This is SUPPOSED to be a hand-held, portable Playstation, right? And what do Playstations do? They enable the user to play games, audio cd's, etc. If I were to buy a PSP, which I'm not going to, simply because I don't see the point in having one, I wouldn't be buying it just so that I could watch movies on it, or so I could carry around with me all the pictures that are on my desktop computer. I would buy it so I could play the damn games that are made for it. That's precisely the reason why I bought a Dreamcast, so that I could play the games that I already had for it, because I LIKE the games that I have for Dreamcast. I didn't buy it with the knowledge that it played DVD's, could go online, etc., et freaking cetera. I already HAVE a desktop PC, along with a DVD player, so WHY would I need a game system that goes online, plays movies, and also plays the games that are made for it? Like the title of the post says, when is too much really too damn much when it comes to technology? You gotta draw the line somewhere, because it's just a bunch of ridiculous stuff when you have a wristwatch that can play movies, can go online, can download music, etc. This is why and how all the companies that make these things are able to charge out the ass for their techo gadgets, because they KNOW that there's a bunch of techno idiots out there who don't have ANY sort of brains left in their heads, and they will need their products in order to think straight. What the hell happened to using your brains, people? What happened to leaving your house, and actually going out into the outside world WITHOUT your PDA, cell phone that does 100 different things, laptop computer, etc.? Are people that really dependent upon technology? Jeez, I wonder how the pioneers made it waaaay back in the 1800's before we had all of these "wonderful" breakthroughs. I guess they just did what they had to do, and kept living their lives the best way they knew how to, without a PDA, without a Nokia, Motorola, or whatever other brand cell phone that costs more than a damn car that does 100 or more different things, and without a laptop computer that would enable them to be able to download the latest Britney Spears song, movie trailer, video game, etc. Here's a thought, if you need to make notes of whatever is of importance to you, then go to any store, whether it be a 7-11, a grocery store, or a Wal-Mart, and buy a small notepad, then if you don't already have a ballpoint pen, buy one, or you could splurge and get the 10-pack, and when you're done doing all that, then take the pen in your hand, turn to a blank page in the notepad, and write down your damn notes on that page, and continue to the next page after that, and so on and so freaking forth. And do you want to know what is better about writing down your own notes on your very own notepad that has real paper in it? You're saving a crapload of money by doing that, instead of wasting it on a fancy PDA that, if you were to lose the stylus pen to, would be completely useless. And if you did manage to find a place that sells stylus pens, you would probably end up spending more for just ONE stylus pen than you would for a regular damn ball point pen. Chew on that one for awhile, and tell me how it tastes. I bet it tastes like the truth, because that's what it is.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Movies SUCK

By the title of this post, you have no doubt guessed what this is about. Recently, upon perusal of quite ALOT of the previews for the upcoming movies on, I came to a startling, yet not surprising, conclusion: MOST OF THE MOVIES COMING OUT SUCK MAJOR ASS. One major one comes to mind right now, and that is the preview for Doom, which is based on the seemingly popular series of PC games that came out waaaaaay back in the day. The ONLY person in that whole movie that I recognized as a star was The Rock, the WWE's famous wrestler/ actor/ whatever the hell else Hollywood wants him to be. Starting off, I saw scenes in the preview that looked like live-action first-person-perspective shooting, JUST LIKE ON THE GAMES, and I thought to myself, "WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF THIS MOVIE?" I don't want to see a freaking GUN on the screen and NOTHING else, with the exception of a few cut scenes of The Rock yelling out orders, or scenes of his fellow teammates grunting and groaning their way through this crapfest. If I REALLY wanted to experience Doom, I would rather play the damn game, instead of watching a live-action re-enactment of it. I'm sure that this movie will appeal to all the geek gamers out there who just HAVE to see a movie based on their favorite game of choice, but seriously, I'm not gonna even waste my bandwidth to download this hunk of crap movie to my harddrive so I can watch it and add it to my movie collection. JEEZ, Hollywood, where has your freaking originality gone? Haven't you learned from your past mistakes, like Resident Evil and its INFERIOR AS HELL sequal? Or what about that crappy as hell live-action version of Street Fighter 2 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme? Another movie preview that I saw that makes me not EVEN want to see the damn movie that it previews is Cry Wolf. Let me set the stage for you internet readers: the preview starts out by showing an AOL INSTANT MESSENGER SCREEN, that this person with the screenname of WOLF3x6 has apparently IM'd this other person, and the wolf person is all, "wtf, teh murders on campus?" and the other person is all, "lol", "is this tom?" then the wolf person is all, "dood, your friend tom got haxored", "I'm teh leet killzer", then the other person is all, "very teh funny", and the wolf dood is all, "dood, this no j0xers", then this supposed "killer" tells this person the in the SAME IM that there will be other bodies for this person to find, just in case they happen to be out looking for dead bodies, because they just don't have anything else better to do with their freaking time. Then this "killer" says to the person, "I saved you for last"......OOOOHHHH, SCAAAARRRRRYYYYY. So how do we really know that this "killer" isn't just some teenage idiot trying to strike fear in the heart of this person that they just had to IM them about with this wonderful info? Then this gem of a freaking movie cuts to scenes of dark hallways, with red lighting throughout to accentuate the "feeling" of murder and mayhem, and we see, of course as it is in EVERY SINGLE FREAKING HORROR MOVIE, a dumbass girl WALKING ALONE IN THE DARK, talking on her cell phone to God knows who, and that's where the preview ends. Just the fact that this preview starts with this "killer" IM'ing someone on AIM screams, "STUPID ASS MOVIE". Jeez, so now Hollywood is trying to get all "leet" by using the internet in their crappy ass movie plotlines. How pathetically retarded. About the ONLY movie preview that I saw that looked promising was one called Everything Is Illuminated starring Elijah Wood. This movie actually looks like it has a real STORYLINE, and it's not just some thrown-together hunk of Hollywood crap like the previous two movie previews. I don't mean to sound like those were the ONLY two previews that I watched, because they weren't, I just picked those two particular ones out simply because they sucked so horribly bad in comparison with the others that I previewed. This is PRECISELY the reason why I don't plan on going to the movies any time soon. Thank you, Hollywood, for discouraging me from wanting to go to the movies, which USED to be a fun thing to do back when I was a kid. Way to go, and kudos to you for screwing that up for not just me, but for every other person who actually likes and enjoys good movies. The sad part is, there will be people out there who will swear up and down, left and right, backward and forward that these movies are really good, and every person should go see them right away. Thanks once again for the suckitude, Hollywood.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kanye West Is An IDIOT

As you can no doubt tell, the title of this post is what this post is all about: Kanye West being completely and utterly STUPID. Why do I say this about Kanye? I'll tell you why. Because he made the STUPIDEST statement that I've heard in my whole freaking life on this planet when he said, "President Bush doesn't care about black people". All you have to do is watch the video link in this post to see the reactions of Mike Meyers and Chris Tucker. Just LOOK at the expressions on both of their faces when they hear this dumbass idiot utter that phrase. It truly is priceless. Way to go, Kanye, you've given me another reason to NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC, and I was so warming up to his "I'm just another black guy from the streetz" motif that he had going there. Seriously, Kanye, why don't you get a different angle other than the whole "black guy from the streetz" thing, because it's severely played the hell out, and it's not original AT ALL. Even if you ARE from the so-called streetz, I HIGHLY doubt that you were literally raised ON those said streetz. I'm sure that your mother did all she could do to raise you the best that she knew how to, Kanye, so give that crap the hell up, and grow the hell up. With that being said, I give you the stupidest thing that I've EVER heard ANY person say.......ENJOY!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

On The Subject Of Suffering......

Well, here I am again, back with an important message for you all to ponder and think on. Alot of people seem to think and believe that God Almighty ALLOWS suffering, and that He is the CAUSE of it. The REAL truth is, God Almighty doesn't ALLOW suffering, WE do, and He does not cause it to happen, WE do by the poor decisions and choices that we make. Think about it, He is God, and there is NOONE else above Him. That being the truth and the case about who God is, WHY WOULD HE ALLOW SUFFERING? It is NOT His will for people to fall into all sorts of suffering and pain. These things happen as a direct result of OUR own poor choices and decisions. Is it God's fault when two 16 year olds have sex, and the girl gets pregnant, and they end up going through all kinds of pain and hurt as a result of their poor decision? NO IT IS NOT. He did not make them have sex, they made that decision of their own free wills. God, of course, already knows all about all the pain and suffering that has happened, is happening, and will happen to every single person alive on this earth. And He knows WHY it has, is, and will happen. It is completely wrong for us to assume that God is the One who is the cause of our own suffering, when WE bring it upon ourselves, by making poor decisions and choices. And the ONLY reason why people don't want to admit that their suffering is their own faults is because they don't want to face up to the fact that THEY did it to themselves. I'm not talking about rape victims, or any other person who has ever TRULY been the victim of any sort of crime. I'm talking about people who just don't want to own up to their own bad decisions, because let's face it, we ALL have made poor decisions in our lifetimes, and we ALL need Jesus to set us on the right path, and to show us how to make the right decisions. Any person who says that they don't need God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit to help them is LYING, and they are foolish, because it says in God's word that a fool says within his own heart that there is no God. That's basically the gyst of what they're saying when they say that they don't need God, that He does not exist in that part of their lives. So what is it that REALLY keeps people from coming out of the suffering that they are in? One word: PRIDE