Friday, September 23, 2005

About Tragic Events

This post is gonna be REALLY serious, because it deals directly with what alot of people don't want to face, and that is the fact that there has been for soooooo many generations sins that have gone unrepented of, and unforgiven that have been committed by past generations of people for years and years and years, and all of these sins have been compounded, one upon the other. This would explain why tragic events have been unfolding more and more and more and more over just the past five years. Think about it, how many people in this world have relatives that have committed some sort of sin that they have chosen to cover up, rather than reveal and let out into the open, and be forgiven of? And how many people have chosen to not forgive someone who has wronged them in whatever way? Don't you realize that these bad decisions of choosing to not reveal sins, and choosing to not forgive will yield their own consequences in their own time, and that those consequences WILL be bad ones? Why is this, you may be asking yourself. I'll tell you why this is. It is because the wages of sin IS death. When sin is fully grown, it brings forth death. THAT is why these things are increasing in this world. THAT is why there has been more and more and more evidences of hurricanes, demonic activity, sicknesses, diseases, sexual perversions, and every other kind of wrongful thing that has, and has yet, to happen. If people think that the worst has already come, they have NO IDEA what has yet to come. This is not meant to make any person fearful and afraid to live their lives, but rather it is meant to stimulate and encourage those who read this post to change their thinking about why tragic things happen in this world.

I know that alot of people will say, "How can God allow these things to happen? Doesn't He love us?" Of course He loves all of His creations, whom He made in His image, BUT we also have to CHOOSE to love Him, and to put Him first in our lives, and in our hearts in all areas of our lives, period. God did give each and every one of us free will. He did choose to allow us to be born into sin, not even knowing who He really is and what He really is all about. He did choose to give us that free will, simply because He didn't want for us to be unwilling servants. He wanted for us to be willing to serve Him, for us to be willing to choose Him above everything else in our lives. So before you go blaming God for these tragic events that has taken place in this world, which satan is the god of, think before you speak, because you may be speaking your way into a pit, simply because you are speaking ignorantly about God, who IS eternally gracious, loving, kind, and from Whom ALL blessings flow. It is not God's fault that man is prideful, and chooses darkness and sin over light and righteousness, and that man would choose ignorance and stupidity over knowledge and wisdom. But He is exactly who man always blames when things go wrong, never once thinking about satan, and the fact and truth that satan has a will as well. What is satan's will? To steal, kill, and destroy. It's that simple. And God's will is EXACTLY the opposite of that. God being a just and loving God that He is, why would He want for us to go through all kinds of hellish things? When are people going to wake up and realize that they are the ones who put themselves through all kinds of hellish things, and it is because of their own bad choices and decisions that those things have happened to them?

If anyone wants to comment on this post, then first think about what I have already typed about what has happened, and why it has happened, because it is the truth. I know it's the truth because God has shown it to me to be the truth. Not because I'm wise or all-knowing, because I'm not by any means. I'm just a man like any other man, with the very same desires and sinful ways as every other man. The MAIN difference, though, is that I KNOW that I'm under God's grace, and I can live free and seperated from sin by the Blood of Jesus. THAT is what seperates me from this world. THAT is how I am able to live free from sin. Not by my own ways or means, and not because I'm a good person, because there's NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD PERSON. We are ALL wicked and evil in one way or another. It's just a matter of realizing that we are evil and wicked, and that we need Jesus to be our Saviour and our Lord, so that we can live free from that evilness and wickedness. So again, IT IS OUR CHOICE to do this, just like EVERYTHING in life is.


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