Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kanye West Is An IDIOT

As you can no doubt tell, the title of this post is what this post is all about: Kanye West being completely and utterly STUPID. Why do I say this about Kanye? I'll tell you why. Because he made the STUPIDEST statement that I've heard in my whole freaking life on this planet when he said, "President Bush doesn't care about black people". All you have to do is watch the video link in this post to see the reactions of Mike Meyers and Chris Tucker. Just LOOK at the expressions on both of their faces when they hear this dumbass idiot utter that phrase. It truly is priceless. Way to go, Kanye, you've given me another reason to NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC, and I was so warming up to his "I'm just another black guy from the streetz" motif that he had going there. Seriously, Kanye, why don't you get a different angle other than the whole "black guy from the streetz" thing, because it's severely played the hell out, and it's not original AT ALL. Even if you ARE from the so-called streetz, I HIGHLY doubt that you were literally raised ON those said streetz. I'm sure that your mother did all she could do to raise you the best that she knew how to, Kanye, so give that crap the hell up, and grow the hell up. With that being said, I give you the stupidest thing that I've EVER heard ANY person say.......ENJOY!!



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