Saturday, September 03, 2005

On The Subject Of Suffering......

Well, here I am again, back with an important message for you all to ponder and think on. Alot of people seem to think and believe that God Almighty ALLOWS suffering, and that He is the CAUSE of it. The REAL truth is, God Almighty doesn't ALLOW suffering, WE do, and He does not cause it to happen, WE do by the poor decisions and choices that we make. Think about it, He is God, and there is NOONE else above Him. That being the truth and the case about who God is, WHY WOULD HE ALLOW SUFFERING? It is NOT His will for people to fall into all sorts of suffering and pain. These things happen as a direct result of OUR own poor choices and decisions. Is it God's fault when two 16 year olds have sex, and the girl gets pregnant, and they end up going through all kinds of pain and hurt as a result of their poor decision? NO IT IS NOT. He did not make them have sex, they made that decision of their own free wills. God, of course, already knows all about all the pain and suffering that has happened, is happening, and will happen to every single person alive on this earth. And He knows WHY it has, is, and will happen. It is completely wrong for us to assume that God is the One who is the cause of our own suffering, when WE bring it upon ourselves, by making poor decisions and choices. And the ONLY reason why people don't want to admit that their suffering is their own faults is because they don't want to face up to the fact that THEY did it to themselves. I'm not talking about rape victims, or any other person who has ever TRULY been the victim of any sort of crime. I'm talking about people who just don't want to own up to their own bad decisions, because let's face it, we ALL have made poor decisions in our lifetimes, and we ALL need Jesus to set us on the right path, and to show us how to make the right decisions. Any person who says that they don't need God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit to help them is LYING, and they are foolish, because it says in God's word that a fool says within his own heart that there is no God. That's basically the gyst of what they're saying when they say that they don't need God, that He does not exist in that part of their lives. So what is it that REALLY keeps people from coming out of the suffering that they are in? One word: PRIDE


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Blogger Phil Woodward said...

Don't you think that some suffering doesn't result from anyone's choice? Think of birth defects, natural disasters, diseases, accidents, and the like. And these things really do cause a lot of pain that seems unnecessary.

We can say that God doesn't cause or allow this stuff either--that it's just accidental, just what nature does. But that suggests that God doesn't step in to correct nature, over which God is sovereign anyway. So God chooses to let this stuff go down. Why?

11:11 PM  

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