Thursday, December 29, 2005

Porn Wars

Upon reading a story on one of my favorite websites, , I’ve come to realize that we as a country are the ones who are the most messed up in a lot of areas. The story told of how the Chinese government has been highly effective in dealing with internet pornography, and I for one am glad to know that there are other countries out there that are taking a real stand against that crap, and they are willing to admit that it is a sinful and degrading practice that should be dealt with quickly and in an efficient manner.

How is America, the land of the free and home of the brave, messed up in this area? Let me tell you how. This country is extremely messed up and dysfunctional in dealing with pornography because the government of this country knows that pornography is a HUGE problem in this country, but they refuse to do anything about it. And the reason why this is, is because of the famed “freedom of speech” part of the Constitution which gets abused more than it gets effectively used. What is really stopping the government of America from shutting down all of the porn sites that are based in this country? What is really stopping the government of this country from shutting down every single porn shop, production studio, etc. in this country? How come China, which is a communistic country, can deal with porn effectively, but the government of America can’t seem to make a dent in it, because in order to do so, they’ve got to have their dumb ass and pointless meetings, and form their dumb ass committees, just so they can decide on how to deal with this serious issue? Besides, the government of America isn’t “by the people, for the people” anyway, because they really don’t care about the people of this country to begin with. Sure, there are a ton of freedoms we as Americans have and share, but how free are we really? I for one really wish that the government of this country would get its shit together and deal with this pornography mess, because it is ruining the society I live in more and more and more and more every single day.

I don’t mean to sound as if I’m placing the blame completely upon the government of America, because I’m not, I’m merely making an observation based upon facts, and the facts are that we are the ones getting left behind in dealing with this serious issue properly. Just ask any teenage boy or girl that lives in this country, and I bet you that they would say that they’ve already viewed pornography on several occasions, and their fathers have all kinds of porn magazines hidden in the houses they live in. Not only that, but I bet you anything that these same teenagers have already had sex, and don’t think of having sex as being a serious thing. This is because they’ve already become desensitized to sex through pornography, and this is because they were never taught that pornography is wrong and that it can lead them into all kinds of perverse crap. I’m not saying that this sort of stuff doesn’t happen in other countries, I’m just saying that we as a nation refuse to effectively deal with it, and would rather sweep it under the rug, and pretend that everything is perfect, when it’s far from perfect. Again, where is the government of this “fine country” while all this crap is going on? How come they’re not doing anything to effectively deal with this issue? I know that we as people have our parts to play in dealing with whatever issues we may have over the course of our lives, but so does the government of America, seeing as how they’re supposed to be helping to protect the people of this country from all of this pornographic trash.

If anyone feels as though they may want to comment on this post, then do so respectively, and not in a childish way.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Internet Certainties

Upon thinking on how a certain person on a website I frequent all the time acted like a total asshole to me for no reason, the truth has come to me that there will always be nuances about how we communicate online to one another that will always be true. I have compiled a list of these things for you all to read and think upon. Here goes:
1. Nowadays, so many people would rather type up e-mails to one another, or send them an e-card, rather than take the time to sit down and write out their true feelings on paper, or take the time to go look for a card to send to someone that would show that person how they really feel about them. This is all well and good, but when it comes to things that are of a personal nature, I would much rather take the time to write out how I feel about someone else, or go down to my local Walgreens and pick out a really nice card that would help me to emphasize those feelings rather than take the easy way out of just typing up a quick e-mail all the time.
2. There has been a proliferation of people acting like total assholes amongst the public forums of (insert website forum here). This is because alot of the people who act like assholes in these forums think it to be a cool thing that the person/ people they are acting like an asshole towards can't physically see them, and they are therefore "anonymous" and this gives them a false sense of security, which means they can be as much of an asshole online as they want to be, when in truth, this is how they really want to be in their normal, mundane, day-to-day lives, but they feel as though they can't, for whatever reason, so they end up taking all their asshole-ness out on whoever chooses to disagree with either whatever they've said, or how much of an asshole they are to everyone who comes into those forums.
3, This particular certainty is as old as the internet itself, and this certainty involves people who are physically unattractive taking upon themselves nomenclatures that would suggest that they are indeed very hot and sexy, and everyone wants to have sex with them because of this. This behavior, of course, is rooted in deep states of insecurity and denial, because if a person is truly honest with themselves, then they will be honest about who they are online, and what they truly do have to offer to someone of the opposite sex. Of course, this can be said in regards to how we live our lives outside of the internet as well, because our insecurities will come out in one fashion or another, whether we are online or not.
That's about all I've got for this post for now, if more comes to me, then I will post it on here for anyone to read and comment upon.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Things Every Religion Has In Common

1. Every single religion is man-made, and they all try their hardest to prove how right they are to everyone else.
2. Every single religion is controlled by fear. Although a lot of world religions appear to be "peaceful and serene", such as Buddhism, they are all still controlled by fear. This is because Buddhists believe that the Dali lama is the reincarnation of four or more generations of monks that came before him, and they all put their hopes and trust in whatever he says, thinks and does, and they all hinge their lives in those things as well. Even Catholics believe Mary to be the one they must worship and pray to, and give alms to. And that WHOLE religion was started as a means and a way for the Vatican to try and take over the world. Look up history concerning the Vatican and you will see this to be the truth. God Almighty Himself doesn't make ANY person believe in Him at all, He leaves it up to us as to whether or not we choose to believe in Him.
3. Every single religion has what they consider to be "holy texts". The Islamic religion has the Koran, Buddhism has their false texts, and Atheists have their own version of what they consider to be "holy". Even Mormons have their own separate "gospel" of Jesus Christ, even though God NEVER said there was ever another gospel that concerns His one and only Son. And NONE of these texts are holy or righteous at all, but are all filled with humanistic, carnal ideologies.
4. Every single religion has their own version of "god". Islamic people believe that Allah is God, while Buddhists believe the Dali lama is God, and Atheists don't even believe there IS a God, while Catholics are told to worship Mary, which is completely wrong, because the whole Catholic religion is really just a combination of Baal worship and Christianity, and God said in His Word that He despises Baal worship, and they are ALL wrong. They're not wrong because I say they are, but because God's Word says they are. God's Word plainly states that ANY person that worships and bows to ANYONE other than Him is practicing idolatry, and God DOES hate that. He doesn't hate the person, but He does hate the action of them bowing down and worshipping those false gods.
5. Every religion has their own version of Heaven. Islamic people believe that anyone who dies as a "martyr" for the Islamic religion will be met in paradise by 72 virgins, while everyone else that does not believe in Allah will automatically go to hell, with no chance for forgiveness. Buddhists believe that in order to go to Heaven, they must somehow "attain" nirvana, or a state of "perfection", which they will NEVER attain, because they are ALL imperfect, just as every other person in this whole world is. And Atheists believe there is no such place as Heaven, because there is no God, and they will not be held accountable for the wrong stuff they do in this life, seeing as how they won't have to stand before God and give an account of their lives to Him. Catholics believe that Mary sits up in Heaven, trying her best to coerce Jesus, the Son of the Most High God, from judging us here on earth, when in truth and reality, Jesus just wants to LOVE us, and it is us that brings God's judgement upon our lives when we CHOOSE to not do as God said to do in His Word.
I will add more to this post as God gives it to me to add, because I'm sure there will be more to add to it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Medion = Pwnz

Boy what a HEEEUUUGGEEE suprise I got when I found out that the tablet that I bought is just as good as any Wacom tablet, and on top of all that, I only paid 60 bucks online for it! Oh yeah, it's also got a drawing area of 12x9, did I forget to mention that? I know for a fact that if any person shops around online for a tablet of this size, with pressure sensitivity, the whole works, they're gonna EASILY spend upwards of 500-600 bucks, if not more, even if they do buy it online. Unless, of course, they know someone who can get it for them for a cheaper price. Seriously, this tablet performs just as good as Wacom tablets, it's got the whole pressure sensitivity thang goin' on, and it's got 24, that's right, 24 programmable buttons along the top that can be programmed to open any graphics programs you may have a fancy for using the tablet for. I have the first three programmed to open Photoshop, Illustrator and Alias Sketchbook Pro, in that order, because those are the programs I would use this tablet the most for, as far as doing any sort of graphics work. One MINOR downside, and by MINOR, I mean MINOR, is the fact that the pen requires the installation of a standard AAA battery in order for it to work, but the tablet itself comes with two AAA batteries already, so I was set as far as that was concerned. Another minor downside was the fact that the installation CD that came with this tablet didn't work for CRAP, and when I tried to use the pressure sensitivity thang in Photoshop, it wouldn't work at all, because I hadn't yet installed the necessary drivers. SOOO I was forced to look around online for drivers that would do the job, and after I found 'em and installed 'em, VOILA'!!!! Photoshop CS2 was now detecting that I had a graphics tablet hooked up to my computer, and I had the whole pressure sensitivity thang on and crackalackin'.....or something like that, along with all the other tablet settings as well, and NOW this tablet kicks Wacom's ass up one side and down the other. Oh yeah, it also came with two replacement nibs for the pen as well. For those skeptics out there who still want to pay out the ass for a Wacom tablet just because of the fact it's a Wacom tablet and for no other reason, I give you exhibit A, which is a link to a webpage that shows exactly how much you will be spending on any one of Wacom's tablets:
I know alot of you will say, "but that's not from Wacom's website, that's from CompUSA's website", to which you are right, but the truth is, you will STILL wind up paying those same exact prices for MUCH smaller tablets, if not MORE, if you do buy them direct from Wacom's website. Sure, the pen on Wacom tablets don't require a AAA battery, but SO FREAKING WHAT? Is that really worth spending 600 bucks for, when AAA batteries last a long ass time already? How often do you change the batteries out in your TV controller? Not often, if ever, right? But you still continue to use your TV's remote control, right? Same principle applies to the kick ass graphics tablet I'm so glad I bought. You can't have exhibit A without exhibit B, so here goes, I give you exhibit B, a webpage showcasing the price of a Medion 41217 12x9 graphics tablet:
Sure, the mouse that comes with this tablet is pure crap, but who really uses the mouse that comes with whatever brand graphics tablet they buy anyway, instead of using the one already hooked up to their computer? NOBODY, that's who. To me, the mouse that comes with any graphics tablet is just there as an added bonus for buying the tablet, because you really don't need it, it just sits there so you can say, "My tablet came with it's very own wireless mouse", and you can ONLY use that mouse on the tablet's surface. Other than that, it's about as useless as tits on a boar hog.
Anywho, that's all for this post. If anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog is really interested in knowing more about Medion tablets, or graphics tablets in general, just leave a comment to this post, and I'll get back to ya.