Monday, January 30, 2006

Divide And Conquer

It's an extremely old strategy, but a very effective one: If you want to totally destroy your opponent, you must get in between the relationships they hold dearest in their lives. In a militaristic sense, this means coming between the relationships that soldiers have with each other, as well as the duty they feel of serving their country. This is exactly how the devil does what he does when he invades our lives. Of course, most people aren't even aware that the devil has pulled this off until they've lost everything. Realize, the devil is after your life, and he doesn't care how old you are, how wealthy you are, or what job you have. The devil doesn't operate in that fashion. The only purpose and plan he has for your life is to steal from you, kill you, and destroy your very existance from the face of this earth. Sounds dramatic, I know, but that is the real truth and fact of the matter, and as I've stated already, most people aren't even aware that the devil is doing this to them until they've lost everything. Until they're lying face down in agony and pain. This is not to say that God can't change their whole life around, and restore all that the devil has taken away from them, because He of course do just that. But before God can do this for them, they have to first realize that they need Him in their lives more than they need anything and anyone else, including the job they have and other physical things. All things will come and go in life, but what really matters are the relationships we have with the people whom God brings into our lives, and what we do with those relationships. Meaning, how we handle those relationships, whether or not we are careless and reckless with what God has entrusted to us. And the devil would love nothing more than to take those relationships away from us, to make us think that we are nothing more than utter failures at whatever we try to accomplish in our lives. That way, he can cause us to be divided from those relationships, as well as in our own minds, and this is because he knows that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Think on this truth.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Irony Defined

In case anyone reading this wonders what the definition of the word "irony" is, just read this webpage and draw your own conclusions concerning the material on this page: . And when you're done reading this page, ask yourself this question, "What IS so wrong about me downloading movies, games, music, etc. anyway?" Of course the MPAA and RIAA wants for you, the ignorant consumer, to think that you HAVE to pay for things that are consumed for entertainment purposes, and if you download these materials, rather than pay for them, then you are the one who is in the wrong. But who is in the wrong now that the MPAA has been caught copying a movie that they had NO right copying to begin with? How exactly does the MPAA measure right and wrong? What exactly ARE their ethics based on concerning what they view as right and wrong? More importantly than all of this, do they even KNOW what ethics really are to begin with? When I read the material on the webpage I posted above in this post, all I could think of were the innocent people whom the MPAA and RIAA have already drug all through the court and legal system, thinking that by doing these things to these people, most of which were COMPLETELY ignorant of the fact that they could even download music off of the internet, they were going to scare the masses away from downloading whatever they could download. BUT that's not how it works, now does it, because the more you tell someone they can't do something without giving them real, solid reasons WHY they can't and shouldn't do it, the more they're going to do it. I'm surprised the MPAA and RIAA haven't figured this out by now. Seriously. That's all for this post for now. BUH BYE....

Friday, January 20, 2006

Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies

Why is it that people in this country are so in love with the ideas surrounding conspiracies? Isn’t America supposed to be a country that is “by the people, for the people? If that really is true, then why the psychotic attitudes that I know some people have about why they think things happen, such as the whole “alien abduction” thing, or there even being aliens that somehow landed here on earth a long time ago, and their spacecraft is being held at Roswell, New Mexico? The reason why I believe conspiracies exist in this society is so that we, the American people, don’t become too aware of what our government is actually doing. Do I believe there is a such thing as a “black government” in America that acts outside of the façade of a government that the American people see every day? Yes, I do. Do I believe that the “Illuminati” is an actual group of people in high-power positions that see to it that the kids of this nation are not taught the REAL truths concerning the history of this country, such as the real reason Kennedy was assassinated? Yes, I do. Why do I believe these things? Because behind every single lie, lies a person or group of people that set these lies in motion for the sole order of deceiving us into believing their propaganda. To the layperson, to someone who chooses to not see that these things are true in our American society, they won’t understand what the hell I’m talking about. They will just dismiss what I’ve just stated as being nothing more than just a bunch of “conspiracy theory junk”, simply because they don’t want to face the harsh reality that they have been lied concerning the very history of this country, right on down to why Kennedy sent American soldiers off to die in the Vietnam war, a war which we had NO business fighting in to begin with. Concerning this war, ask yourself this question, “Why did we lose so many soldiers in that particular war?” Or more pointed, “Who made this war any of our business to begin with?” I’m not saying that we weren’t supposed to fight in World Wars I and II, because we were, and that was because Hitler’s regime HAD to be stopped at all costs. And I’m not saying that we didn’t lose a lot of young soldiers in that war, because we did, but those two wars were not used to cover up any sort of scandal that the American president had committed, and was too ashamed to own up to. What scandal, you may be asking yourself. The scandal that involved then-President John F. Kennedy and his brother sleeping with Marilyn Monroe, and then having her killed off for the sole reason of trying to cover their tracks, all the while making it look as though Marilyn had killed herself. What does this have to do with the Vietnam War? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. Simply put, the Vietnam War provided JFK the perfect opportunity to play “good guy vs. bad guy”, utilizing the patriotism every single American person felt back then against communism, making the American people think and believe that the Vietnamese people were the ones who were our sworn enemies, when in truth, we had NOTHING to do with them at all, nor did they have anything to do with us. It was simply a convenient smokescreen, to throw the American people off the tracks of what Kennedy and his brother had really done. And Lee Harvey Oswald was hired to kill Kennedy because I believe someone knew about what he and his brother had really done, and had hired Lee Harvey, an ex-Marine, to assassinate then-President Kennedy. Interesting how an ex-Marine, a man who had served his country, was hired to assassinate Kennedy, the man who had sent all of those young men off to fight in a war we had nothing to do with, just to cover up his and his brother’s scandal of sleeping with Marilyn Monroe. Think what you will about this, but before you base any sort of judgment on what you have read in this post, consider actually finding out the real truth concerning John F. Kennedy and his brother having their way with Marilyn Monroe. Then ask yourself this question, “Why would Marilyn Monroe, who at the time was an extremely popular actress, want to kill herself?” She was considered to be THE prettiest woman alive, every woman wanted to be her, wanted to look like her, so on and so forth. So why would she kill herself? It just doesn’t add up, does it? That’s why I believe Kennedy and his brother had the whole “suicide” thing staged, and they, as well as every other man in their family, with the exception of Ted Kennedy, paid the price. It’s no coincidence that every single Kennedy man has died abruptly, and not in any sort of normal manner. This is but one singular thing from American history that kids are not taught, not even in high school, concerning that period of time. I could continue about the real truth about Columbus and his debacle surrounding the “discovery of America”, but I’ll save that for later. This post is already really long, and I don’t want it to be even longer.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Scientology Part Deux

Upon reading some more stuff about this supposed wonderful "religion", I have come to the conclusion that it's DEFINITELY a huge fucking cult. There's just waaaay too many things associated with this religion that points the huge cult arrow in its direction. For starters, in order for this cult to stay in operation, the leaders of this cult have to be able to convince people who don't have a clue about spiritual things that their way is the only way to believe. How do they do this, you may be asking yourself? How else? Good old fashioned brain washing, or "auditing" as they call it. I've seen a picture, by the way, of their little machine they use to "audit" people with, and seriously, it looks exactly like something you would expect to see on a damn sci-fi episode. Take your pick, it would fit right in with whatever sci-fi show or movie you fancy the most. Just take a gander at the prices listed on this page at how much it costs the new convert to get "audited", and make sure you pick your jaw off the floor: . If THAT doesn't show you, the person reading this article, how utterly ridiculous Scientology really is, then consider this truth: Those who are interested in Scientology are actually WILLING to shell out all that much money, if not more, just so they can be brainwashed by a cult. No wonder Scientology is such a huge hit amongst celebrities, and no wonder those who are in charge of keeping this cult going love it when they hear about another celebrity falling victim to their cult. What I find TOTALLY hilarious and ridiculous at the same time as well is the talk amongst Scientologists of achieving a state they call, "Clear". Juliette Lewis, a celebrity who has been in alot of movies, has this to say about achieving this so-called "state": "I am no longer stuck in the bottomless pit of despair and apathy. Having achieved the state of Clear is the single most important thing that I've done for myself. It has allowed me to experience life in a way I only imagined." If you want to know what this state looks like, just look at the washed-out look on her face, and you will get an idea about what this whole "state" really is about. Seriously, if her brain was any more washed, there would be bleach involved. Here's the link to the pic as well as her statement posted before this text: . And before you even begin to talk about all the great things that celebrity Scientologists have done for people, just remember this: They're doing those things in order to pull more people into their bullshit cult, so that they can attain to a higher status amongst their cult members. I do know one HUGE way this cult could be put out of commission for good, and that is to completely stop all of the money that is being pumped into it, because while it is indeed a cult, those responsible for keeping it going do need cold, hard cash to keep it going. So WHY keep it going? WHY keep this crazy ass stuff circulating amongst not only those celebrities involved in it, but also those who are not celebrities? What real purpose is this cult really serving, other than to brainwash simple-minded people into believing what they want them to believe? Sure, maybe Scientologists do go through the whole "detoxification" thing and all that jazz, which isn't a bad thing to do necessarily, BUT one doesn't have to be a Scientologist in order to do all that, nor does one have to be affiliated with ANY religion to want to take better care of themselves. That's all for this post. Anyone interested in leaving a comment concerning this post, feel free to do so, but don't take the information concerning Scientology in this post as an excuse for you to go off and believe in this crap, because it IS a huge cult, and all it will get you are alot of lost years, as well as alot of wasted money.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Scientology: What Is Up With THIS Crazy Stuff?

Upon reading on a website about a really good bass player I like a lot, whose name is Billy Sheehan, I found out that he is a Scientologist, and apparently he thinks that life’s problems and issues all somehow “disappear” just by applying the “technology” found only in Scientology. What follows is his actual quote on the matter: “I've seen the worst possible dilemmas evaporate with the application of Scientology technology-just like magic. But it's not magic-it's Scientology.” My question to Billy boy would have to be, “What dilemmas are we talking about here? Cancer, or trying to get the kids into the family car for church on Sunday mornings?” And he obviously thinks that Scientology is somehow able to do things that ONLY God is able to do, and sad to say, he is MAJORLY deceived. As is all the other people who believe in this nutjob of a religion. This is not to say that there aren’t any “Christian” religions out there that aren’t full of nutjobs, because there are, but this whole Scientology crap is just plain STUPID. In no way possible does it make any sense at all, especially when you consider that L. Ron Hubbard’s son committed suicide just to get away from his father’s crazed religious schemes and controls. If you don’t believe me about this matter, just go to this webpage: and hold your cursor over the left side menu where it says, “The Dead”, and you will see a menu appear. Then navigate over to the left where it will say Quentin Hubbard, and read all about how this young guy killed himself because of his father’s weird ass religious crap. What I find to be TOTALLY ridiculous about this whole “religion” is how much utter bullcrap there is contained in it. Seriously, I have heard of some major religious nutjobs before, but this religion really takes the cake. What I don’t really get about it is, if it’s such a truth-filled religion, then why do the followers of this religion have to use the various “technologies” used in this religion, whatever the hell those are, in order to overcome life’s inevitable issues? NOWHERE in God’s Word did He say ANYTHING about us having to use some form of “technology” to overcome the devil and his devices, but He said Himself that the ONLY way to overcome the devil is by the Blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony.

Another thing that really gets me about this whole religion is how the man who started it, L. Ron Hubbard, also wrote some sci-fi books, one of which was made into one of THE biggest crapfest of movies, Battlefield Earth, and who starred in that movie? Why, none other than John Travolta. What follows is John Travolta’s statement in regards to Scientology. Try not to laugh: In January 1975 I was working on my first film in Durango, Mexico. There I met an actress who gave me the book Dianetics. During the five weeks we were filming she gave me some auditing sessions and applied some basic principles. That was when I became involved in Dianetics-because it worked. When I returned to the United States I began Scientology training and auditing. My career immediately took off and I landed a lead role on the TV show "Welcome Back Kotter" and had a string of successful films. I have been a successful actor for 17 years and Scientology has played a major role in that success. I have a wonderful child and a great marriage because I apply L. Ron Hubbard's technology to this area of my life. As a Scientologist I have the technology to handle life's problems and I have used this to help others in life as well. I would say that Scientology put me into the big time. Sooo, John Travolta has the “technology” to handle life’s problems, does he? What is he gonna do when he will inevitably have to stand before God and give an account of his life? Try his best to convince God that his “technology” is somehow able to do what ONLY God can do? Again, what types of problems is he referring to? I highly and seriously doubt that Scientology can heal someone of cancer, or renew a person’s sight that was born blind, or cause a new limb to grow that was never there, such as an arm or a leg. And how exactly did this “Dianetics” stuff work for him, but yet it’s not mentioned ANYWHERE in God’s Word as being truth? Does Johnny boy not realize that this whole “Battlefield Earth” thing was all just a bunch of science fiction junk, and that’s not EVEN how the world will end? This shows me that the whole of Scientology is nothing more than an elaborate cult, set up and devised to play on those who are of a simple mind, and don’t really question whether it’s the truth or not, and that’s PRECISELY what the devil wants for people to do. Just accept his crap blindly as truth, instead of accepting the truth and fact that they can’t do it all themselves. As the church lady says, “How convenient!” I could go on and on about this crazy ass religion, but I won’t, because I have a life, and I don’t need to say anything else about it. Simply put, it’s a seriously HUGE mess, and anyone involved in it will inevitably fall victim to the devices of its “technology”.