Friday, January 20, 2006

Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies

Why is it that people in this country are so in love with the ideas surrounding conspiracies? Isn’t America supposed to be a country that is “by the people, for the people? If that really is true, then why the psychotic attitudes that I know some people have about why they think things happen, such as the whole “alien abduction” thing, or there even being aliens that somehow landed here on earth a long time ago, and their spacecraft is being held at Roswell, New Mexico? The reason why I believe conspiracies exist in this society is so that we, the American people, don’t become too aware of what our government is actually doing. Do I believe there is a such thing as a “black government” in America that acts outside of the façade of a government that the American people see every day? Yes, I do. Do I believe that the “Illuminati” is an actual group of people in high-power positions that see to it that the kids of this nation are not taught the REAL truths concerning the history of this country, such as the real reason Kennedy was assassinated? Yes, I do. Why do I believe these things? Because behind every single lie, lies a person or group of people that set these lies in motion for the sole order of deceiving us into believing their propaganda. To the layperson, to someone who chooses to not see that these things are true in our American society, they won’t understand what the hell I’m talking about. They will just dismiss what I’ve just stated as being nothing more than just a bunch of “conspiracy theory junk”, simply because they don’t want to face the harsh reality that they have been lied concerning the very history of this country, right on down to why Kennedy sent American soldiers off to die in the Vietnam war, a war which we had NO business fighting in to begin with. Concerning this war, ask yourself this question, “Why did we lose so many soldiers in that particular war?” Or more pointed, “Who made this war any of our business to begin with?” I’m not saying that we weren’t supposed to fight in World Wars I and II, because we were, and that was because Hitler’s regime HAD to be stopped at all costs. And I’m not saying that we didn’t lose a lot of young soldiers in that war, because we did, but those two wars were not used to cover up any sort of scandal that the American president had committed, and was too ashamed to own up to. What scandal, you may be asking yourself. The scandal that involved then-President John F. Kennedy and his brother sleeping with Marilyn Monroe, and then having her killed off for the sole reason of trying to cover their tracks, all the while making it look as though Marilyn had killed herself. What does this have to do with the Vietnam War? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. Simply put, the Vietnam War provided JFK the perfect opportunity to play “good guy vs. bad guy”, utilizing the patriotism every single American person felt back then against communism, making the American people think and believe that the Vietnamese people were the ones who were our sworn enemies, when in truth, we had NOTHING to do with them at all, nor did they have anything to do with us. It was simply a convenient smokescreen, to throw the American people off the tracks of what Kennedy and his brother had really done. And Lee Harvey Oswald was hired to kill Kennedy because I believe someone knew about what he and his brother had really done, and had hired Lee Harvey, an ex-Marine, to assassinate then-President Kennedy. Interesting how an ex-Marine, a man who had served his country, was hired to assassinate Kennedy, the man who had sent all of those young men off to fight in a war we had nothing to do with, just to cover up his and his brother’s scandal of sleeping with Marilyn Monroe. Think what you will about this, but before you base any sort of judgment on what you have read in this post, consider actually finding out the real truth concerning John F. Kennedy and his brother having their way with Marilyn Monroe. Then ask yourself this question, “Why would Marilyn Monroe, who at the time was an extremely popular actress, want to kill herself?” She was considered to be THE prettiest woman alive, every woman wanted to be her, wanted to look like her, so on and so forth. So why would she kill herself? It just doesn’t add up, does it? That’s why I believe Kennedy and his brother had the whole “suicide” thing staged, and they, as well as every other man in their family, with the exception of Ted Kennedy, paid the price. It’s no coincidence that every single Kennedy man has died abruptly, and not in any sort of normal manner. This is but one singular thing from American history that kids are not taught, not even in high school, concerning that period of time. I could continue about the real truth about Columbus and his debacle surrounding the “discovery of America”, but I’ll save that for later. This post is already really long, and I don’t want it to be even longer.


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