Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Irony Defined

In case anyone reading this wonders what the definition of the word "irony" is, just read this webpage and draw your own conclusions concerning the material on this page: . And when you're done reading this page, ask yourself this question, "What IS so wrong about me downloading movies, games, music, etc. anyway?" Of course the MPAA and RIAA wants for you, the ignorant consumer, to think that you HAVE to pay for things that are consumed for entertainment purposes, and if you download these materials, rather than pay for them, then you are the one who is in the wrong. But who is in the wrong now that the MPAA has been caught copying a movie that they had NO right copying to begin with? How exactly does the MPAA measure right and wrong? What exactly ARE their ethics based on concerning what they view as right and wrong? More importantly than all of this, do they even KNOW what ethics really are to begin with? When I read the material on the webpage I posted above in this post, all I could think of were the innocent people whom the MPAA and RIAA have already drug all through the court and legal system, thinking that by doing these things to these people, most of which were COMPLETELY ignorant of the fact that they could even download music off of the internet, they were going to scare the masses away from downloading whatever they could download. BUT that's not how it works, now does it, because the more you tell someone they can't do something without giving them real, solid reasons WHY they can't and shouldn't do it, the more they're going to do it. I'm surprised the MPAA and RIAA haven't figured this out by now. Seriously. That's all for this post for now. BUH BYE....


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