Monday, January 16, 2006

Scientology Part Deux

Upon reading some more stuff about this supposed wonderful "religion", I have come to the conclusion that it's DEFINITELY a huge fucking cult. There's just waaaay too many things associated with this religion that points the huge cult arrow in its direction. For starters, in order for this cult to stay in operation, the leaders of this cult have to be able to convince people who don't have a clue about spiritual things that their way is the only way to believe. How do they do this, you may be asking yourself? How else? Good old fashioned brain washing, or "auditing" as they call it. I've seen a picture, by the way, of their little machine they use to "audit" people with, and seriously, it looks exactly like something you would expect to see on a damn sci-fi episode. Take your pick, it would fit right in with whatever sci-fi show or movie you fancy the most. Just take a gander at the prices listed on this page at how much it costs the new convert to get "audited", and make sure you pick your jaw off the floor: . If THAT doesn't show you, the person reading this article, how utterly ridiculous Scientology really is, then consider this truth: Those who are interested in Scientology are actually WILLING to shell out all that much money, if not more, just so they can be brainwashed by a cult. No wonder Scientology is such a huge hit amongst celebrities, and no wonder those who are in charge of keeping this cult going love it when they hear about another celebrity falling victim to their cult. What I find TOTALLY hilarious and ridiculous at the same time as well is the talk amongst Scientologists of achieving a state they call, "Clear". Juliette Lewis, a celebrity who has been in alot of movies, has this to say about achieving this so-called "state": "I am no longer stuck in the bottomless pit of despair and apathy. Having achieved the state of Clear is the single most important thing that I've done for myself. It has allowed me to experience life in a way I only imagined." If you want to know what this state looks like, just look at the washed-out look on her face, and you will get an idea about what this whole "state" really is about. Seriously, if her brain was any more washed, there would be bleach involved. Here's the link to the pic as well as her statement posted before this text: . And before you even begin to talk about all the great things that celebrity Scientologists have done for people, just remember this: They're doing those things in order to pull more people into their bullshit cult, so that they can attain to a higher status amongst their cult members. I do know one HUGE way this cult could be put out of commission for good, and that is to completely stop all of the money that is being pumped into it, because while it is indeed a cult, those responsible for keeping it going do need cold, hard cash to keep it going. So WHY keep it going? WHY keep this crazy ass stuff circulating amongst not only those celebrities involved in it, but also those who are not celebrities? What real purpose is this cult really serving, other than to brainwash simple-minded people into believing what they want them to believe? Sure, maybe Scientologists do go through the whole "detoxification" thing and all that jazz, which isn't a bad thing to do necessarily, BUT one doesn't have to be a Scientologist in order to do all that, nor does one have to be affiliated with ANY religion to want to take better care of themselves. That's all for this post. Anyone interested in leaving a comment concerning this post, feel free to do so, but don't take the information concerning Scientology in this post as an excuse for you to go off and believe in this crap, because it IS a huge cult, and all it will get you are alot of lost years, as well as alot of wasted money.


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