Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Check these statistics out and gaze with wonder and amazement at how many Islamic people there are in the world, versus how many Christians there are. And before you go lumping Catholics together with Christians, remember that Islam was started by the Vatican, I.E. the Roman Catholic Church, as a means and a way to take over the Middle East. That being said, Catholicism isn't the same as Christiniaty. It just appears to be that way. Still think Christians outnumber Islams?
This, of course, is not to say that God can't do away with Islam, because He can and will. I'm not saying that He's gonna come and shock the crap out of Islamic people with huge bolts of lightning, but if He did choose to do that, which one of us would be able to tell Him "No, God, You can't do that"? God is the God of warfare, after all.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Remade Crap

Recently, my wife and I went out to our local movie theater to see the new incarnation of a movie by the name of “Yours, Mine and Ours”, because she said that she wanted to see it. She said that the original was really good, and I thought, “Then this version should be good too!” While we were sitting there watching it, we both noticed how the new version had some “updates” made to the storyline that did not need to be there. One such update was how the main female character was written to be an “artistic, creative type who doesn’t believe in discipline at all”. Keep in mind, this woman has 10 KIDS living in her house. What real woman raising that many kids in her own house is going to allow that many kids to run rampant all throughout, causing all kinds of havoc, claiming that they’re just “expressing themselves”? No real woman, that’s who. I don’t have to be a woman to see that this is the truth. All it takes is common freakin’ sense. What I find sad about this new version is how the main male character is portrayed as being a “staunch disciplinarian who doesn’t let his kids do anything fun”, and he’s made to look like the “bad guy” just because he has a sense of organization and he believes in discipline. What in the blue hell is wrong with that? What kind of world do we live in where discipline is made light of in the movies we watch? If you think all of this sounds ridiculous, I’ve got more. During the course of the movie, the main female character tells her husband, the main male character, “We don’t ever spank the children”. Excuse the hell out of me, but there’s 18 kids living in their house. How in the hell does this woman suppose any one of these kids are going to know what discipline is all about if she doesn’t back up her husband’s knowledge of discipline being a good thing? All I really saw in this new version of a classic movie is a bunch of updated crap that involved the main female character coercing the main male character away from kicking the kids’ collective asses when they needed it. All I saw was a bunch of compromises being made where there shouldn’t have been ANY compromises at all. I’m not saying that parents should go medieval on their kids when they do something wrong, I’m just simply saying that if a child does something wrong that the parent(s) know the child should be disciplined about, then by all means discipline them. And NO, putting the child in time out isn’t going to get the message across. All that will accomplish is giving the child waaaay too much time to sit there and come up with ways for them to get away with more crap. If you don’t agree with this, then you don’t know how a child thinks. You obviously have forgotten what the mind of a child is like.

On to the original version of “Yours, Mine and Ours”. All I need to say about this movie is that it’s WAAAAY better than the remake, which is of no huge surprise, considering that nowadays all Hollywood seems to be able to produce is nothing but crappy ass remakes. If you want to know how much better it is than the remake, either go to your local Wal-Mart and look for your very own copy, or better yet, buy it online and when it gets to your house, watch it. But be sure you watch the original before watching the remake, so you will be able to pick out the differences between the two. Seriously, everything that I didn’t like about the remake of this movie was what I liked about the original, and then some. Sure, the remade version stars Kevin Costner and a really hot chick, as well as a whole buttload of cute, precocious kids, and even a damn pig, but that’s not NEAR enough to make up for the flop that the remade version really is. The remade version does have its high points, but it just isn’t enough to make this a credible remake. All the new version shares, in my mind, with the original, is the name. Other than that, they may as well be two totally different movies.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Upon reading on Digg.com, I found a site that stated what I’ve been saying all along about the whole music industry. Here’s the link to the page in question: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060202-6103.html . Try not to laugh as you read the obviousness of the statement made on that page that the real reason why music sales are down is because of the truth and fact that music nowadays sucks major ass. That being said, the RIAA seriously needs to stop accusing people left and right of downloading all the music that’s on the internet, and blaming people for the losses that the music industry has faced, claiming that it’s all because people nowadays would rather actually check out new music that comes out by downloading it, instead of chunking down 15-20 bucks a pop for a CD that they may just end up taking back anyway, due to the fact that they found out that the music on the CD sucked more than they could ever imagine. Who in their right mind would actually want to spend money on something that sucked anyway? No one, that’s who. Too bad the RIAA can’t seem to figure this out.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Want It My Way

All throughout history, man has always wanted God to do things his way. He has always said to God, “If You will do this, then I’ll do that”, as if he was buying God off, or making God a deal. Sadly, this mentality still exists today as so many people still expect God to change what He said in His Word in regards to their sinful lifestyles. They tell God, “God, if You will give me this amount of money, then I’ll stop what I’m doing and do what You want me to do.” This is a total and complete lie, because if they were really serious about changing, money wouldn’t have anything to do with them changing. Whether they know it or not, they’re putting a price on something that cannot have a price put upon it, which is God’s unmerited love. Their thinking is that if God will just do this for me, then I’ll have what I need to get out of whatever situation is giving me trouble, when the truth is that they already have what they need from God, they just don’t see it yet. Their perception is clouded by the sinful lifestyles they live, so they are unable to perceive that God has already put within their spirits, minds and hearts what they need to succeed in life. It’s already right there for them, all they have to do is reach out and take it. All they have to do is admit that they can’t do it all by themselves, that they need God’s grace, mercy, favor, love and authority to come down and meet them right where they are so that He can change them into the person He created them to be.

The problem is that too many carnal, worldly people would rather be off doing their own thing, putting all their time and effort into what they think will make them financially wealthy and will increase their status amongst the society they live in. What they fail to realize is that nobody in the society they live in cares about them at all. Sad to say, but most people live their lives in this fashion. They work at high-stress jobs that they don’t really want to be working at in the first place just so they can say that they have a house in the mountains that they’re so far in debt with already that they don’t even have enough time and money to be able to enjoy in the first place. What’s the point in having something if you can’t enjoy it? What’s the point in spending not just all the money you have, but money you don’t have, just so you can say that you have something that you will never be able to pay off to begin with? Why do people do that to themselves? I’ll tell you why. Because they care more about their social status and less about what really matters, which is doing what God wants for them to do. I’m not saying that it’s bad for them to want to have an extremely nice, custom built house, because it’s not. All I’m saying is that if they would do what God told them to do in their hearts, then He would see to it that they had the desires of their hearts, no matter what they may be. Think about it like this, when you were a child and you didn’t do what your parents told you to do, what happened to you? You were disciplined, were you not? And what happened when you did exactly what your parents told you to do? You were rewarded graciously, were you not? The very same exact principle applies to God as well. If people will only do as His Word says for them to do, then they can experience a level of blessing that they’ve only dreamed about. You know the type of dream I’m talking about, the one where you dream that you’ve got this really nice car, this extremely nice house, a beautiful marriage and however many kids you want to have. So what happened to that dream? Where did that dream go? Did you, like so many other people, get all caught up in chasing after material wealth that you forgot all about the wealth that God has already stored up for you? Don’t fret about it, you’re like so many other people in this world. You’ve bought into the lie that money will make you happy, which on the outset may appear to be true, but the real truth still remains that money will never make you happy; it will never give you what only Jesus Christ can, and that is total and complete salvation and freedom from your sins. Money won’t hold you at night and comfort you when you’re lying in bed full of fear, because you are so far in debt that you don’t see how you can ever get out. Money won’t be your friend when you are crying because you lost someone close to you to cancer. So would it really be good if God did answer your prayers in regards to what you want Him to do, instead of what He wants to do for you? Would it really work out better in the long run if He did only what you wanted Him to do all the time, instead of you allowing God to do what He really wanted to do? God does want for every person to prosper and to be in good health, but the question is, do you want it the way He wants it for you? Are you willing to be obedient to God so that He can richly bless you in ways you only dreamed about?

None of these questions are hard to answer, but for a lot of people they seem to be, because they don’t want to obey God and His Word. They don’t want to do as He said to do in His Word. They would rather live out of His Will for their lives than live according to what He said in His Word, which would bring amazing abundance into their lives. God’s blessings for every one of us are so much that we can’t even begin to count them. We can’t even begin to understand how much God really does have for us. If we could see how much He has for us, we would be astounded at the sheer amount of blessings he has stored up for us. If you’ve read through this post, and you’re not a Christian, then please consider asking Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and Savior, because if you choose to deny Jesus on earth, He will deny you in heaven. God’s Word says that, and that is the truth.