Friday, February 03, 2006


Upon reading on, I found a site that stated what I’ve been saying all along about the whole music industry. Here’s the link to the page in question: . Try not to laugh as you read the obviousness of the statement made on that page that the real reason why music sales are down is because of the truth and fact that music nowadays sucks major ass. That being said, the RIAA seriously needs to stop accusing people left and right of downloading all the music that’s on the internet, and blaming people for the losses that the music industry has faced, claiming that it’s all because people nowadays would rather actually check out new music that comes out by downloading it, instead of chunking down 15-20 bucks a pop for a CD that they may just end up taking back anyway, due to the fact that they found out that the music on the CD sucked more than they could ever imagine. Who in their right mind would actually want to spend money on something that sucked anyway? No one, that’s who. Too bad the RIAA can’t seem to figure this out.


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