Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Check these statistics out and gaze with wonder and amazement at how many Islamic people there are in the world, versus how many Christians there are. And before you go lumping Catholics together with Christians, remember that Islam was started by the Vatican, I.E. the Roman Catholic Church, as a means and a way to take over the Middle East. That being said, Catholicism isn't the same as Christiniaty. It just appears to be that way. Still think Christians outnumber Islams?
This, of course, is not to say that God can't do away with Islam, because He can and will. I'm not saying that He's gonna come and shock the crap out of Islamic people with huge bolts of lightning, but if He did choose to do that, which one of us would be able to tell Him "No, God, You can't do that"? God is the God of warfare, after all.


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