Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Your Blog May Come Back To Haunt You".....Oh Noes, I'm Teh Scared!!!

Ok, I can see where this guy is coming from with his post about the things we post on our own personal blogs, but seriously, if any person reading my blog(s) has any problem with me being confident in my personal belief in Jesus as my Lord and Savior, as well as the fact that I have the balls to stand for what I believe, then they're the one that really has the problem. With that, here's the webpage address for anyone interested in reading up on what the guy on the page has posted: . Sure, he mentions MySpace alot on there, which only goes to show that most people on MySpace are extremely ignorant of the fact that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn't be posting anything and everything about themselves such as their age, sex and location, along with other personal and sensitive information. Seriously, get a grip, dumbasses. Start actually thinking about what you post before you post it, that way, you won't have some sick pervert coming after you because they're into having sex with young children. Of course, kids that frequent MySpace aren't really the only ones to blame for the debacle that has erupted from so many young kids being talked into doing all kinds of crap that just happen to have MySpace accounts. Can you guess who else may be to blame for that? Come on, think. It's a word that stars with a "p" and ends with "arents". Yeah, you heard me right, the parents are really the ones to blame, because it's up to them as parents to BE freaking parents, which means it's up to them to monitor what the hell their kids are doing online, which means that it's up to them to sometimes go behind their kid's backs and find out who the hell they're talking to online, if their kids won't disclose that information to them for whatever reason. Sure, I know alot of people will say, "But that's invading their privacy" and other stuff along those lines, but the REAL truth is that as long as a child is in the care of their parents, then it is up to the parents to KNOW WHO THEIR KIDS ARE TALKING TO/ HANGING OUT WITH AND WHAT THE HELL THEIR KIDS ARE DOING. Any parent that doesn't want to know those things about their kids are showing their kids that they really don't care, and they're telling their kids that it's OK for them to talk to people online that they know NOTHING about, save for knowing their online screen name, which could range from an anime' character's name to "badmofo2005" to any number of other screen names. Are parents really that ignorant of technology that they really don't have the first damn clue about the internet and webblogs? This is the year 2006. It's time for parents who don't have a clue about what their kids are doing online to actually FIND THE HELL OUT what their kids are doing online, because not all of them are just downloading the latest .mp3 from their favorite band. Not by a long shot. If that's all alot of young kids were doing online, then there wouldn't be all kinds of wrong stuff going on, now would there? And there also wouldn't be all kinds of pedophiles getting their jollies online with all the young kids that frequent MySpace. Why do I keep mentioning MySpace? Because I have yet to hear anything about any young kid being lured away through their Blogger, Xanga, or BlogDrive accounts. That's not to say that it won't ever happen, I'm just saying that MySpace has proven to be notorious for that, or maybe it's the people that frequent MySpace. So, to wrap up this here post, if you're gonna go and post a bunch of crap about you liking 12 year old boys, and you're into role-playing games, and you live in your mother's basement, then you better EXPECT to get your ass in trouble in one way or another. Why? Because you're attracting trouble to yourself by hiding behind a seemingly innocent screenname.


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