Monday, May 22, 2006

DaVinci Code, ShmaVinci Code

If I see another stupid ass commercial about the dumbest movie/ book to come along in a good long while, I'm gonna go blow up the damn theaters they're showing this crapfest in. Why do I feel so strongly against this dumbass movie/ book? Because it's nothing but a bunch of CRAP. All Dan Brown has succeeded in doing is writing a dumbass book that's full of more fallacies than anything out there. One such fallacy involves Dan's theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Why is this a fallacy? Because Jesus is the Son of God, and because of this truth and fact, Jesus was about His Father's business, and He was so focused on what God told him to do that NOTHING could sway Him from His purpose. He knew why He was here on earth. He had no time to get all involved with marrying Mary Magdalene, and besides that truth, He loved Mary with a SPIRITUAL love, not a physical love, or "lust", as it is more commonly known. TRUE love is spiritual, and can be embraced by any person seeking it, because God IS love, and whoever seeks God will find Him. If anyone who reads this wants to know more fallacies in the DaVinci Code, then I suggest they ask God, because NOONE should read the book or see the movie without having a strong relationship with God through His Son Jesus, otherwise they could be led astray by some bullcrap lies propagated by Dan Brown to make people believe all the wrong crap he wrote in that dumbass book.


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