Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Immigration Reform?

Upon watching my local nightly news and seeing a story concerning immigration and how much immigrants have affected the United States and hearing people shouting out, "We are America too", I've come to a conclusion: If you are from a different country and living here in America ILLEGALLY and sending any money you make back to whatever country you're from instead of being a benefit to America, then you're not "America" too. Don't get me wrong, this has NOTHING to do with race, creed, culture, etc. But it does have everything to do with people that live in America ILLEGALLY and have no business taking up jobs here in America only to turn around and trash this once beautiful country and then send the money they make back to their homeland, with no thought or regard to the fact that they are living here in America ILLEGALLY. Why do I keep emphasizing the word "Illegal"? Because that's the whole damn point of what people are bitching and moaning about. And of course those who went out to march for illegal immigrants are the ones getting the most air time with their attitudes of, "We are America too!" and what have you. If you really want to be considered to be a part of this country, then here is a checklist of things you need to do as an illegal immigrant so that you will be considered to be a LEGAL citizen of this country:
1. Do what you know you have to do to become a legal citizen
2. Learn how to speak and read English
3. Stop sending the money you make back to your homeland in hopes that you will somehow make a difference
4. Stop trashing America with your lack of caring for the country that is supporting your ILLEGAL ass
5. Stop raping this beautiful land by leaving all kinds of garbage around because you and your buddies chose to get drunk and didn't want to clean up after your dumb ass selves
If anyone who reads this post thinks that I'm being an asshole, then consider this: It's YOUR American jobs that are being taken from you by ILLEGAL immigrants because illegal immigrants are willing to work for waaaaay less than people that are legal citizens of this country, and they're also willing to work longer hours. What solution do I propose for this? Stop bitching, moaning and complaining about how much you get paid at whatever job you have and start being thankful that you have a job to begin with, because trust me, all it will take is time and there will be an illegal immigrant that will gladly take your job away from you at a much less rate of pay. If you don't think it will happen, then just remember how it was when this country was first formed waaaaay back in the day. There weren't all kinds of technical jobs out there like webpage designer, computer specialist, software engineer, but people still did what they had to do to survive, didn't they? And do you know who it was that did what they had to do back then? White people, that's who. It wasn't a bunch of Mexicans, it wasn't a bunch of American Indians. I really don't care if you take that last statement to mean I'm being "racial" about things, because I'm not. I'm simply stating the truth that that is how things were back then. Did people back then bitch, moan and complain about having to do whatever it was they had to do? NO, because they were grateful to have a land that they could live free in from all the bullshit that was going on in Britain. It's not like Mexico is going through all kinds of governmental problems to the point to where the people that live there just HAVE to get out and move somewhere else. It's not like they don't have resources in their own damn country to utilize. It's NOTHING like it was when America was first formed as a union. I understand that Mexico is a poor country in some ways, but it's not like there aren't any jobs there for people that really want jobs. It's not like a person that lives in Mexico cannot make a living. Stop with the damn excuses and start realizing that these people are raping this country, and they don't give two shits about those of us that are legal citizens.


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