Friday, May 12, 2006

Peace & Harmony

There's something I've been thinking alot about lately. It's the fact that every single person in the whole wide world wants peace on earth, but too many of them want for everyone else to do what they want them to do. They all want for people to give up their free wills so that they can control what they say and do. What groups of people want to do these things, you may be asking yourself right now? I'll tell you what groups: Any and all people that are religious zealots. This isn't something that is exclusive to Islamic people only, either. ANY person that chooses to follow after a religious teaching system rather than following after God's Word is bound to end up a weirdo. Case in point: Tom Cruise. I remember a time when I would watch a Tom Cruise movie, like Rain Man, and I would be in awe of his acting ability, his sheer intensity on the movie screen, or A Few Good Men, when he was staring Jack Nicholson down and he MADE Jack Nicholson give him the truth. I remember this being a very intensely fun time for me when I would watch these movies that starred Tom Cruise. But then along came the Scientologists, with their crazy as hell belief system that somehow swept Tom Cruise off his feet and made him fall in love with them. How in the blue hell they pulled it off, I really don't know. All I can really gather from that whole religion is that they believe that our bodies are comprised of aliens, and in order to purge ourselves from any bad alien stuff, we have to go on a strict regiment of seaweed pills and other herbal things. I'm all for cleansing my body of impurities, but why the hell does it have to be made into some crazy ass religion that is really centered on taking all the money it can from its "followers"? My wife and I take vitamins every day, but it's not like we're gonna start believing in some weird ass alien crap and start paying all kinds of money that we don't have to some bullshit religion, just because they claim that they have the answers to all of life's problems.
I don't mean to pick on Scientology as being the only weird ass religion out there, because it really isn't. It's just one of THE weirdest ones I've ever heard of. Why? Because there is no deity in that religion AT ALL, unless you count alien stuff as being God-like. And of course, Scientologists all claim that in order for a person to have a sense of peace in their life, then they have to go through all the auditing stuff, which one of these is called a "false purpose rundown", whatever the hell that is. And do you know how much these "auditing sessions" cost? Take a gander at this page and see for yourself:
Why the hell does this crazy ass religion expect for its followers to shell out all kinds of money FIRST in order to believe their cockamamie bullshit, only to be left all confused and spiritually wrecked when it's all said and done? Again, I'm not just picking on Scientology. I also acknowledge the fact that there are other religions out there that are just as greedy and diabolical as Scientology. But yet they too claim that in order for us to have peace and harmony on earth, we must believe in their wrong teachings. I have one major question for all of these crazy ass religions: If you are so right, and if peace and harmony can really be attained by me believing your bullshit, then how come you don't profess the name of Jesus? And another question: How come I have to pay money before you will accept me into your bullshit religion? Gee, that sounds like a cult to me, if ever I saw one. How about you?


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